to empower you

by sharing stories, tricks + tips

from visionaries, artists, activists, entrepreneurs, global thought leaders

+ ourselves

to help you unleash

your own magic


Join the YOM 

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•A variety of meditations guided by Allie + Raquelle

•Daily prayers, mantras, and affirmations to manifest abundance in all areas of your life. 

•A crystal guide providing you with gems that will support and align you to the cosmic energies of the month. 

•Energy Cleansing and Grounding Rituals

•Magic Challenge: the exercise that will transform your life within 30 days.

•18 Questions to bring you clarity with your intentions for 2018!



the podcast

YOM is a podcast that reveals the tricks, tips + secrets of inspiring visionaries to help you unleash your own magic.

the blog

meditation. routines. new moon guidance. mindfulness. self-love. recipes. crystals. galaxies. and all-things that nourish our soul.

the shop

coming soon. 

YOM yoga + meditation trinkets.

the soul tribe

a mindful community on facebook for soul-seekers

to celebrate love + connection, asking + answering the Qs to help you, others + ourselves tap in to our own magic. 

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