The Balanced Blonde: Healing Mind, Body & Spirit with Rituals, Crystals, Kundalini, Spirit Guides + Intuitive Eating

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You may know her as, the balanced blonde. Today we are ecstatic to chat with Jordan Younger, a well-renowned blogger and podcaster extraordinaire. Her popular blog,, has been one of our go-to sites to seek relatable and uplifting health, wellness -- and even -- the spiritual inspiration to set our souls on fire.

“You really have to get out of your own way and let go of the doubt. If you start doubting the process, it gets in the way of the magic that can happen. Get out of the way, and your higher sense of self will come”


In this episode you will learn:

Love for the mind, body, and spirit

How to tap into spirit guides and strengthen intuition

Programming crystals and morning rituals



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