the list

recommend: read about this on coloring your intrinsic Self first.


one of my personal expanders, past yom guest, + manifestation advisor, lacy phillips, is a pro-list type of Woman when it comes to calling in whatever we desire.

i have a whole ritual and routine before i step into a manifestation

i neatly + mindfully place thick paper and a golden sharpie in a low-to-ground space (or on the ground)

pray on the paper to raise it’s vibration

light some candles (if i’m really feelin’ the moood)

light + wave my magical sage wand

place my favorite crystals neatly + mindfully around my paper

sit in front of the paper taking deep breaths to get "in spirit + out of mind - ego”

and begin to write my list

i used to divide the lists into sections








now… i just flow

perhaps you’re someone who likes to get very specific, to manifest the exact color or number of whatever it is. or you may be like myself, and manifest with less resistance when we write something non-specific, allowing an idea to unfold more beautifully than our mind can fathom… or better.

you may be a specific or non-specific manifester depending on your human design, see here.

here’s a sample of me just flowing my non specific list, but covering all the sections:

  • travel to 4 new countries that will allow me to discover more of my intrinsic Self

  • connect deeply with high vibrational people

  • meet a heart-centered, soulful guy, who knows his worth, is successful along his journey, and holds a great amount wisdom

  • continue to grow financially more abundant every year

  • meet as many soul who have been supporting this journey — the soul tribe

  • have the most powerful and life changing experience on the bali retreat i’m hosting with bree

  • continue to strengthen my intuitive eating as my body re-aligns to her healthiest state

  • deepen the love and connection with this body

  • have both a home on hawaii and the mainland that is to my highest good

  • home is bright, white, spacious, and has beautiful views of mama earth

  • may all this happen, or something better

  • and so it is

again, feel free to be as specific or vague as you desire. but, if you feel an ounce of resistance with specificity, perhaps ease into it.