shift into the receptive frequency


try this for 7-21 days…

and see what unfolds...

what manifests!

a daily ritual for shifting into the receptive frequency

what if i told you

we’re all vibrating at different frequencies

and whatever frequency we’re radiating,

we will be attracting more of that

more people in that similar frequency

more materials in that similar frequency

more guidance...

more cosmic love...

let’s explore the divine pathways for the frequency of receiving

yes, allowing ourselves to receive more of life’s treasures and gifts for us

in which, we may be subconsciously blocking

though, we’re all deserving + worthy of it.

this is the one been unintentionally dabbling with for years…

in which, i’ve been organically resonating in.

and why i know i have been able to receive what i have asked for

whether, i’m experiencing high days

or even low...

as i explore this, i’d love to help you open your shakti to receive

whatever you may desire, too.

guided meditation here

reach your arms out on or slightly below shoulder height -

and remember, throughout this practice, feel free to relax your arms for a moment, when need be.

with your palms facing up towards the sky.

your hands are showing the universe that you are open + giving your being permission for receptivity.

draw your awareness to your heart

allow her to become a little bit lighter, happier, uplifted, expanded.

take a deep breath in

and take a deep sigh of relief.

visualize from the crown of your head a beam of light traveling through the center of your body all the way down and out through the tips of your toes, clearing your energy centers.

open your arms out wide and shift your face up towards the sky

say out loud

“i welcome the divine energy to move through me.”

tilt your head back down and hands back to center, as you contract this energy -- like you’re building a muscle for it to strength

expand again, as you inhale with your head up, arms wide and closed eyes

how are you feeling in this present moment?

show the universe

and exhale release  + contract everything back to center.


raise your arms up above your head with your hands stretched out and fingers spread wide wide wide

take a deep inhale

hold it as you close your hands

open them

close them

open them

close them tight tight tight

and exhale drop your arms allow your hands to relax and welcome whatever energy that surrounds you.

do this one more time…

good, now allow your palms to rest on your knees with your palms facing up

allow your jaw to relax

your shoulders

your arms to relax

your seat to melt into the ground

your legs

your feet

and draw your attention to your third eye

say out loud

i am open to receiving

i am open to being a vessel and receiving any thing and any information of love

sit with this for awhile, and allow whatever sensations you may be experiencing to resonate.

good, now when your ready

reach your arms up one more time in gratitude and give yourself a nice stretch

relax your body

and when you’re ready

open your eyes

and listen…


listen as you walk and do what you do for the remainder of the day

be open to any inspired information coming through

and thank you for shifting your consciousness

+ raise your vibrations