a prayer to mama earth every morning

during or after your morning routine

plant your feet somewhere out doors

in nature

if you’re in a big city, perhaps find a park

or close your eyes and visualize yourself standing in your favorite space in nature in your mind

think of this time,

this prayer,

as your time to heal her and give her the love she needs

with faith that the more people do this, collectively, the more she will heal where she needs healing

look around

one by one

element by element

plant by plant

animal by animal

sun and moon

sky and water

pay gratitude to all you see

all you know

feel free to use this prayer or improvise your own

i return thanks to the mother,

to her body.

the earth.

supporting me. keeping me safe.

i return thanks to the element of water.

to her rivers and streams,

to her ocean body,

to her waterfalls

to all the nourishment that water supplies to keep me alive

to her teardrops of rain that nourish the plants and trees

and the element of wind for blowing the seeds

to create more plants and trees

i return thanks to all herbs

which design medicines for our bodies

to heal our diseases

i return thanks to the air

for giving me space to breath

to be alive to experience all things

i return thanks to the fire

for burning what no longer serves mama earth

so it may rise into the ethers

and reflecting her pain

to wake us up so we can do what we can

to calm the heat, to shower her with love, and keep her sane

and i return thanks to the heat of the sun

for shining light on the herbs

the fruits and vegetables

so they grow and nourish my body and soul

for shining light on me

showing me there is light when times are dark

and kissing me with sunbeams

to fill me with life and energy

i return thanks to the moon and the stars,

which also given me their light

in darkness

and filling my sleepy soul with dreams

so i wake with a brighter tomorrow

and i return thanks to the moon + sun

for looking after our earth

birthing life and

keeping us safe in this vast solar system

with their beneficent eye

lastly, i return thanks to the great spirit of mama earth

in whom is embodies all selflessness, beauty, and good