meditative nature walk










and step again



steps that flow with the rhythm of your breath

the rhythm of the wind

the rhythm of the birds singing 

or the water flowing


a meditative nature walk is a medicine for your soul

to help in the healing you in whatever you are going through

physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally

or perhaps

give you more clarity

give you an answer

give you more peace in your mind

and love in your heart


if you're in a big city, find a park

if you're in the countryside, find a new spot to roam

if you've roamed every option, go to your favorite spot


when your mind starts to chitter chatter

negative or positive or neutral chatter

smile at that thought and tell it

"not now"

and just go back to the beauty around you


if people walk by, see what comes up for you

how does this affect your energy?

how does this affect your mood?

or feeling of the space around you?

in that, you will find a lesson. if it doesn't feel too good, then perhaps, that shows you something that you may need to work on to accelerate your healing. 

whatever comes your way will be a message, a lesson, and part of the experience for you. 

note whatever living beings you may see



bumble bees?

a lady bug?

a deer?

a fox?

a hawk?

other birds?

perhaps they’re a sign, an omen

perhaps they’re delivering you a message


walk everyday


without music

without podcasts (yes, without YOM)

without any distraction

and if you choose to walk with someone, may you both set an intention to walk in silence and simply observe together

the challenge is to do this every single day of the month for at least 20 minutes. and if you miss a day, just add an extra 20 minutes to the next day. perhaps you may accumulate hours worth of walking, but hey... that's what is showing up for you and a part of your journey for whatever reason.

do this for yourself.

i highly advice that you either tell a trusted friend, soul triber or make a post in your own magic secret facebook group that you're committing to this and to hold you accountable.

i’m excited to hear what may unfold

this is simple

just step

and listen