soul contract

Write a contract to... your soul

in your personal journal.

What do you need for yourself to feed your soul daily?

Isn't it rather easy to meet the needs of others, but challenging to meet your own? Do you find yourself leaving your own agenda on the back burner in order to complete a task for another? 

The verbal contract we make with our fellow humans gives us a sense of urgency to "keep our word" in order to maintain the peace + make them happy. Gaw! Our souls are screaming every time we do this... because it's just as -- no, no, it's MORE important for you to meet the needs of your own in order to keep the peace and happiness within. There's great wisdom in the flight attendants advice to place our own oxygen mask on first before assisting others. Seriously... it's hard to help anyone if you're depleted. 

On the recent Q+A podcast, Allie brought to light her personal contract to her soul to hold herself accountable for doing what makes her feel most aligned. For example: write 5 poems a day and learning 3 new recipes a week.

Now -- you may be one of the rarities who is able to uphold your commitment to meet all your internal needs as well as others needs. Heck, you may even have a precise self-care routine and never let anything interfere with it. Wonderful! This exercise is still for you, because as we're all expanding and improving beings... there's always SOMETHING we'd like to do more of. (Also... what's your secret?)

Write a poem a day

Create a new plant-based high protein recipe a week

Practice another language for 30 minutes a day

Deep meditation 1 hour+ every single day

Visualize your future for 20 minutes a day  

Practice yin yoga every night

Dedicate time to do absolutely nothing but stare at a fountain or a tree for 30 minutes a day

Above are only examples that popped into my mind on a whim -- hmmm... probably because they're all things I know would bring my inner being so much joy, and she'd like for me to dedicate time to -- but I always allow other tasks to take priority. 

I prefer to write in my personal journal -- my baby -- my book that holds my own spiritual energy in this present moment along with her immense sentiment. 

Here are a few guidelines to make this challenge easier:

1.  This is a contract for the month of may. At the top write:


Contract to My Soul 

for MAY

2. Keep it short and focus on 1-2 routines you realistically have the air to do for yourself daily. The more challenging, the more challenging it will be to commit -- keep that in mind, though it is tempting to be overly ambitious -- you want to end the month celebrating! 

3. WHY are you doing this? After you decide what you will focus on, write down your "WHY" -- the most honest reason you need to commit to this for your soul. Consider positive outcomes that will likely happen when you do this daily for a month.

4. Sign it! Yes, sign your beautiful signature... maybe date it too to like super proficient. 

5. And feel free to post it in the secret FB group. Share it with a friend to hold you accountable. Knowing someone else's eyes has seen makes you feel a little more accountable on a personal level.