post-meditation journaling

begin the habit of writing down your experience

post meditative imaginings

reflecting back to your sensations. your experiences. your imaginings. 

- what sensations came up for you + in your body?

- in what areas did you feel tension, if any? 

- what did you see, imagine, visualize from your mind's eye?

- did you hear any whispers? 

- did any ideas of sparks of inner inspiration areas? 

- do you see yourself living the images that came to you?

- did you recall on any memory?

- did you have moments of complete clarity?

- did you have moments of pure presence -- where nothing and no one came to mind?

- when you finally opened your eyes, what aftermath sensations were resonating?

when you collect the data answering either the questions above or simply just writing down your experience (or both), then you may find patterns. and those patterns are clues, nudges, a puzzle or clear message delivered to you, by the universe, for a reason. 

pay attention. 


be open. 

the more you reflect back on your meditative imaginings, the more truth and clarity you find.