handwritten letters

dearest yomie, 

i love you because.... you have made my life so much brighter...

soul much more purposeful and meaningful.

you give me meaning.

+ deepen my love...

for all beings...

including you

+ myself

love always,


MAGIC CHALLENGE the hand-written letter

handwritten letters hold the art of your soul.

they capture the truths and wonder that may not always be told. 

this month, this week, on this day...

please write hand-written letters to at least eight!

OR, better yet, challenge yourself to write one a day for the remainder of the month.

yes, handwritten letters to people in your life who deserve to read why you love them.

it may be - 

to family


people you look up to

or, (the most challenging one yet)

people you need to make amends with.

while actions + the verbal expression of love are beautiful,

no one writes it enough -- especially from their own hand. 

it's easy to "type" i love you, 

but now, writing it? is another story. 

another story that must be shared. 

another story that must be felt.

the act of writing reasons why you love someone will not only lift their spirits, but your own. as you are reminding your subconcious mind how powerfully deserving of love and gratitude you are. in turn, perhaps manifesting more people to love. more things to be grateful for. 

so do your friends, family, and your soul a favor... and write 8 handwritten letters beginning with 

"i love you because..." (unless, of course it's someone you need to make amends with, so you can add this later).

+ then let it flow...

and who knows? maybe you'll recieve one back ;).