habit of first rising thought

good morning…

for the next 7 days, challenge yourself to be aware of your first rising thought

right as you open your eyes

remember this thought

and if you do remember, write it down.

and if you didn’t remember, the closest first thought that came to mind.

then after day 7, write it down and ask your soul while journaling (early morning or after meditation)…

“what do these thoughts tell me about this season of my life?”

the next 14-30 days, consciously shift your thought to something you desire,

but be grateful for whatever you desire as if it is already here.


if you are looking to get in shape, perhaps think

“i am so grateful to feel physically healthy and fit in my body”

if you are looking to feel financially abundant, think to yourself

“i am so grateful for the abundance of money in my account and more coming my way”

if you are looking to feel better about a negative situation in your life

“i am so grateful that i’ve found the light, guidance, and expansion in X - so i am relieved from it for good”

if you are looking to deepen your connection to source

“dear source/God/the universe/angels, i am so grateful for you and your guidance in my life every day”

whatever it is, even if you don’t truly feel it in this moment

be thankful for the “existence” and “manifestion” of already having it

as your first waking thought

every morning

and check back in

in 14-30 days

and see what unfolds…