one raw meal a day

dearest yomie,

if you've been listening to the two most recent podcasts (end of july), i've only been eating fully raw for a short two weeks now, but feel as if i've been detoxing my body and mind for a whole year! 

i'm open

i'm realigning

i'm receiving

i believe it's a combination of not only eat fully raw and whole fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, but also the connection with fruitful beings around me at the uk fruit festival. 

so this is a challenge for your health. 

to not only nourish your body with foods that love you back...

but to open the doorway of enlightenment within your mind and soul. 

and to detox both the physical and emotional toxins that continue to linger, even with all the energy work we do. 

i feel a shift

a sparkle

a newfound confidence in love

and light

and i want you to feel this too. 

of course, like every eating lifestyle, going fully raw without the proper knowledge can be challenging (do your research if you choose to pursue it fully).

but eating even just one meal a day will help your cleanse every blockage. 

you'll not only be receiving the vitamins and minerals your body and mind need to flourish,

but your b+m will also be absorbing the nutrients needed to maintain a harmonious balance.

a meal may be a large rainbow raw salad loaded with a variety of veggies with a nut or fruity dressing

or a juice

a smoothie

a smoothie bowl

a mono meal

or you can get creative with a gourmet raw vegan recipe

i used to be scared of eating too much fruit, and deprived myself of its abundant nutrition

it's funny how we fear things we need most, 

and as i eat this food that loves me back daily

i'm listening to my own soul's needs, and my being is responding back with gratitude every new morning as i feel my heart and see my body are radiating with beauty and love.

(side note one: if your stomach isn't used to raw cruciferous vegetables, i'd wait awhile while your digestive enzymes build to warrior status!)

(side note two: listen to fully raw kristina's first and second episode, to learn more about this diet and lifestyle - and to connect with her info is in the show notes. and no... she didn't ask me to post this, it's just what i feel called to challenge you with as it's drastically helped me!)

cheers to your raw meal! 

love always,

raquelle aka raw kale


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