handwritten letters

dearest yomie, 

i love you because.... you have made my life so much brighter...

soul much more purposeful and meaningful.

you give me meaning.

+ deepen my love...

for all beings...

including you

+ myself

love always,


MAGIC CHALLENGE the hand-written letter

handwritten letters hold the art of your soul.

they capture the truths and wonder that may not always be told. 

this month, this week, on this day...

please write hand-written letters to at least eight!

OR, better yet, challenge yourself to write one a day for the remainder of the month.

yes, handwritten letters to people in your life who deserve to read why you love them.

it may be - 

to family


people you look up to

or, (the most challenging one yet)

people you need to make amends with.

while actions + the verbal expression of love are beautiful,

no one writes it enough -- especially from their own hand. 

it's easy to "type" i love you, 

but now, writing it? is another story. 

another story that must be shared. 

another story that must be felt.

the act of writing reasons why you love someone will not only lift their spirits, but your own. as you are reminding your subconcious mind how powerfully deserving of love and gratitude you are. in turn, perhaps manifesting more people to love. more things to be grateful for. 

so do your friends, family, and your soul a favor... and write 8 handwritten letters beginning with 

"i love you because..." (unless, of course it's someone you need to make amends with, so you can add this later).

+ then let it flow...

and who knows? maybe you'll recieve one back ;). 



post-meditation journaling

begin the habit of writing down your experience

post meditative imaginings

reflecting back to your sensations. your experiences. your imaginings. 

- what sensations came up for you + in your body?

- in what areas did you feel tension, if any? 

- what did you see, imagine, visualize from your mind's eye?

- did you hear any whispers? 

- did any ideas of sparks of inner inspiration areas? 

- do you see yourself living the images that came to you?

- did you recall on any memory?

- did you have moments of complete clarity?

- did you have moments of pure presence -- where nothing and no one came to mind?

- when you finally opened your eyes, what aftermath sensations were resonating?

when you collect the data answering either the questions above or simply just writing down your experience (or both), then you may find patterns. and those patterns are clues, nudges, a puzzle or clear message delivered to you, by the universe, for a reason. 

pay attention. 


be open. 

the more you reflect back on your meditative imaginings, the more truth and clarity you find.

soul contract

Write a contract to... your soul

in your personal journal.

What do you need for yourself to feed your soul daily?

Isn't it rather easy to meet the needs of others, but challenging to meet your own? Do you find yourself leaving your own agenda on the back burner in order to complete a task for another? 

The verbal contract we make with our fellow humans gives us a sense of urgency to "keep our word" in order to maintain the peace + make them happy. Gaw! Our souls are screaming every time we do this... because it's just as -- no, no, it's MORE important for you to meet the needs of your own in order to keep the peace and happiness within. There's great wisdom in the flight attendants advice to place our own oxygen mask on first before assisting others. Seriously... it's hard to help anyone if you're depleted. 

On the recent Q+A podcast, Allie brought to light her personal contract to her soul to hold herself accountable for doing what makes her feel most aligned. For example: write 5 poems a day and learning 3 new recipes a week.

Now -- you may be one of the rarities who is able to uphold your commitment to meet all your internal needs as well as others needs. Heck, you may even have a precise self-care routine and never let anything interfere with it. Wonderful! This exercise is still for you, because as we're all expanding and improving beings... there's always SOMETHING we'd like to do more of. (Also... what's your secret?)

Write a poem a day

Create a new plant-based high protein recipe a week

Practice another language for 30 minutes a day

Deep meditation 1 hour+ every single day

Visualize your future for 20 minutes a day  

Practice yin yoga every night

Dedicate time to do absolutely nothing but stare at a fountain or a tree for 30 minutes a day

Above are only examples that popped into my mind on a whim -- hmmm... probably because they're all things I know would bring my inner being so much joy, and she'd like for me to dedicate time to -- but I always allow other tasks to take priority. 

I prefer to write in my personal journal -- my baby -- my book that holds my own spiritual energy in this present moment along with her immense sentiment. 

Here are a few guidelines to make this challenge easier:

1.  This is a contract for the month of may. At the top write:


Contract to My Soul 

for MAY

2. Keep it short and focus on 1-2 routines you realistically have the air to do for yourself daily. The more challenging, the more challenging it will be to commit -- keep that in mind, though it is tempting to be overly ambitious -- you want to end the month celebrating! 

3. WHY are you doing this? After you decide what you will focus on, write down your "WHY" -- the most honest reason you need to commit to this for your soul. Consider positive outcomes that will likely happen when you do this daily for a month.

4. Sign it! Yes, sign your beautiful signature... maybe date it too to like super proficient. 

5. And feel free to post it in the secret FB group. Share it with a friend to hold you accountable. Knowing someone else's eyes has seen makes you feel a little more accountable on a personal level. 


your poem


a day


post it in the FB group

for the soul tribe to see.


Meditate: in your own magical way (feel free to use our guided meditations)


Walk in nature in silence or meditative music and be open to receiving “a download”


Take a nature bath in a body of water near you. Listen. Be open to receiving "a download".


Take out the notes on your phone or journal

write what you hear and feel

doesn’t need to rhyme

doesn’t need to perfectly flow

just need to be from the source

from you


for a period of time

revisit it if some edits in mind


out loud and/ or perform it

a few times before you share


they'll be honored


on Instagram and/or soul tribe facebook group

use the hashtag


44 min reading

44 minutes a day

Did you know... if you read 45 minutes a day, you may end up reading one book a week! (Something we learned while interviewing Jim Kwik about the power of learning to learn).

So... we're going to twist this idea (Allie + Raquelle style) using our lucky angel number of 44 as the goal time for reading every single day to read a book a week in the month of March.

Finishing 4 books this month... 

Join us! 

44 minutes a day to do something that helps expand your mind and soul. 

We want to not only read, but do one more thing every single day -- and spend 44 minutes (at least) doing it. 


Or split the two on busy days. 22 minutes each. 

Hey, at least we did it... accomplishing any challenge on most days makes us feel like we've won the day... the month. 

Here are other ideas you may want to try for 44 minutes a day.

Nature Walk









Take Pictures

Edit Pictures

Stare Off into The Distance... because, why not?

write it in your journal

Make a personal declaration to yourself choosing one (or two at most... don't overwhelm yourself) of something that you want to dedicate 44 minutes to everyday. 

Something that nourishes your mind and soul. 

Something that makes you come alive and feel aligned.

make a soul tribe declaration of the action(s) you will commit to for 44 days

This is, of course, optional... but if you're open to it. We'd love to hear what you're committing yourself to for the next 31 days.

PS -- you do not have to start March. Start anytime you see this or a day that fits best with your schedule. 

PPS -- if you miss a day... THAT'S OKAY! We're not perfect. We may accidentally miss too. But we'll still be happy that most days we committed to this, because otherwise.... we wouldn't. 

record your manifestations

setting the stage

Find a quiet, peaceful space where you feel safe and inspired.

Light some candles or incense

Have a pen and piece of paper nearby.

Make sure your surroundings are clean.

sit in a comfortable position

and breathe for a few moments, slowing down into your natural state of peace.

Surrender any limitations of the mind for a few minutes as you visualize the upcoming year ahead.

What does your dream life look like?

How does it feel?

Be as specific as possible as you paint a picture in your mind.

Record your manifestations as though they have already happened.

Do not question how you will get there.

When you feel complete and have written the dreams closest to your heart, take a few more deep breaths.

Imagine a blue light at your throat chakra. Let it grow brighter and brighter. When you are ready, turn on the record button and record your manifestations.

Put emotion into your voice, smiling at the ones that bring you joy.

This way, even if you are not aligned to the vibration of these manifestations, the recording will hold the space for you.

Listen to it every night as you fall asleep, and in the morning when you first wake up. (The times when our theta/beta brain waves are active, and our subconscious is in its most receptive and vulnerable state.)

At the end of the recording.....

speak this prayer out loud

Dear Universe, (or Angels/God/YOUR name -- whatever resonates with you).

I am so grateful to you for bringing me all of these manifestations or better immediately.

In my receptive state, I am effortlessly creating a life beyond my wildest dreams.