self-expansion Qs five

questions to explore in your journal. 

perhaps choose one or two to focus on each journaling day.

preferably in the morning, just as you rise with the sun and allow your stream of consciousness to flow...

or after a meditative imagining.

  • dear shadow, what is my greatest challenge i need to release right now?

  • what am i most afraid of my world finding out about me?

  • what's one lie that i've told, that i need to forgive myself and let go?

  • who is someone i look up to? and what about them do i see or want to explore in myself?

  • who is someone who looks up to me? what about myself do they see and find worthy?

  • who is someone i am experiencing passive or upfront animosity with? 

  • how can i let this animosity go?

  • who do i need love from?

  • why do i need them to love me?

  • who do i need pleasure from?

  • why do i need them to pleasure me?

  • what do i find most challenging while i'm settling into a meditative state?

  • how can i let go of these distractions?

  • in what situations do i shrink?

  • in what situations do i take up the spotlight?

  • how do i integrate the two? or how do i always find light to share within, no matter the situation.

  • what is my greatest regret from the year?

  • what can i do to move forward to turn that regret into a beautiful lesson and story?

  • what do i find fascinating about my life this season?

  • what can i do to bring this fascination and light in the hands of others who may need it too?