new year self-expansion Qs

questions to explore in your journal. 

perhaps choose one or two to focus on each journaling day.

preferably in the morning, just as you rise with the sun and allow your stream of consciousness to flow...

or after a meditative imagining.

Before you answer: put your pen down. Place your hands over your heart. Close your eyes. And listen for the answer... the non-judgemental and loving answer within. You may hear her in your mind. In your heart. In your stomach. Maybe through words. Maybe through feeling. Maybe both.

18 Questions for Your 2018

  1. What and who do I want to invite into my life in 2018? 

  2. What are my 4 main goals for 2018?

  3. What one mindful practice do I want to incorporate into my daily routine?

  4. Why do I want to incorporate this practice?

  5. How will I hold myself accountable to do this? (Or who will I tell to help hold me accountable?)

  6. How do I want my body to feel? 

  7. What new exercise should I try at the start of this year?

  8. What is one form of movement I can incorporate daily? 

  9. How will I hold myself accountable to do this movement daily? (Or who will I tell to help hold me accountable?)

  10. How will I nourish my body?

  11. What is a healthy food I can eat more of for optimum strength and energy?

  12. What is one healthy habit I will begin doing in 2018? 

  13. What is one habit that may not be in my best interest anymore, and that I intend to let it go in 2018?

  14. How do I define love?

  15. And how can I live my life by that definition of love throughout this year?

  16. How do I define success?

  17. Who makes me feel like I can be my most authentic self?  

  18. What are 3 things I like to do to ground myself and how can I do this more often?