Qs to unblock your flow

questions to explore in your journal. 

perhaps choose one or two to focus on each journaling day.

preferably in the morning, just as you rise with the sun and allow your stream of consciousness to flow...

or after a meditative imagining.

  • what does ‘flow’ mean to you?

  • what is your ‘ultimate vision’ of the future you intend to create?

  • do you find freedom in structure or spontaneity more when it comes to daily planning?

  • what would it look like if you were to flow with intention toward your vision?

  • what could you do daily to flow toward that vision?

  • what does your ideal monday look like?

  • tuesday?

  • friday?

  • saturday

  • sunday?

  • what chaos usually often arises that distracts you from this flow?

  • are there preventives, other paths you can take, or new people you can see to shift from these distractions?

  • are these distractions creating a void inside you?

  • close your eyes and ask your soul, where is the empty space that i’m trying to fill through distraction?

  • ask your soul, what can i do to today to honor my intended flow?

  • ask your soul, who can i see to honor this flow?

  • what do you intend to create today?

  • what could you forsee yourself creating for the rest of this year?

  • what do you want to do with your life?

  • are there any blocks or distractions standing in your way?

  • if so, how can we knock down these distractions?

  • what could you do every monday to take a step to flow toward this vision?

  • what could you do every friday to take a step to flow toward this vision?

  • what could you not do any more mondays take flow closer the vision?

  • what could you not do any more on the weekends to flow closer to the vision?

  • write in your journal an ask to your guides/source/your highest self for more positive flow into your life to help you get on a vibrational wavelength that will help you reach your vision. write with an open your heart to receiving. write: "just for today, may i flow with positive intention, play in the skin of my best self, and help me take a step closer toward my ultimate vision".