my path

in this journaling tune in and ask your heart a question…

just one question

yes, this journaling wants you to expand and explore the pearls of thought that are stimulated by one simple question…

what is my path… in this season of my life?

to begin,

write the above question down with a pen (you vibe with) and a notebook, journal, or paper.

(handwriting is highly recommended so your subconscious mind can better translate what you scribe)

now, look at this question

resonate with it

ask it in your mind or out loud to the universe again

close your eyes

repeat in your mind

take a deep breath in

and as you breath outwaterfall your consciousness from your mind down to the area of your heart or gut and listen there.

as you continue to breathe


and when you’re ready

and grounded

open your eyes

begin writing

whatever comes through…

even if it begins a bit “superficial” or something that you do not fully resonate with

trust the process

and, perhaps, by paragraph one or two… or five

when the clutter is disposed

you will be able to really answer the question.

don’t judge

nothing is too big

or too small

perhaps the grander things that you want may not seem to be aligned right now

but something small that comes through

is just shedding light on a path that you can easily walk now

and it will eventually guide you there

even if it’s as simple as applying to work at a certain place

whether you get it or not

because your guides know you’ll make certain connections

that may guide you to what you ultimately desire.

if you’re not vibing with this today,

that’s okay

practice again tomorrow

and see where the magic leads…

thank you for shifting your consciousness and raising your vibration in the process.