morning clarity


let’s pretend (or not) for a moment, you are someone who may not have a habit of writing in the morning.

that’s okay.

let’s pretend (or not) you’re someone who does write in the morning, but during the day you feel as though you are either stuck or just meandering aimlessly on autopilot — and every evening you feel little to no accomplishment toward the pursuit of your dreams.

many high achieving beings receive more clarity and direction about what they intend to do that day when they write it down —- just a few or three things to act on the inspired ideas or dancing with the universe to make it happen.

in the morning, after your rise, before the chaos of the day influences your mind — that is the most sensitive time in which i (and most people i know) receive the messages we need in order to have heightened clarity, productivity, energy, and courageous grit.

when we ask ourselves these questions with the intention of gaining clarity on our next move, we not only increase our chances of better showing up for ourself, but we show the universe that we are following the inspired thought whispers planted.

the thought whispers that gave us this desire to achieve this dream… (so please, do not give it to someone else… we’ve got this!)

listen, feel, + write the first thing that comes to mind every morning with these few + simple questions.

  • what am i most looking forward to today?

  • who is the kind of person i intend to be today?

  • what are one or two of the bigger dreams i’m working towards today?

  • what are the top three priorities that must get done today (no more, no less)

  • who is an important person or people that i must show up as my best self for today?

  • what are my words of encouragement that i can remind myself whenever i’m thrown off track or stressed out?

  • just for today, what is one bad habit i can let go of?

  • what are the big dreams i’m keeping in mind that i intend to pursue, even if i am not working toward them today.

  • when the sun sets, what would i like to feel when i rest my eyes tonight?