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Happy New Year

and happy new beginning for you to plant your soul desires... your seeds... to bloom in 2018.

The new year may seem like an arbitrary date to some, but we can also treat it as a worldly agreement for humans to be blessed with a clean beginning.

a re-birth for all, if you will.

So... let's throw yesteryear's old soil away...

And let's begin the year the right way...

No need to rush.

Take this time, this month, to simply plant the seeds of what you hope to manifest in 2018.

During this first month, let's take root and ground ourselves into the new year with the intention to grow and flourish throughout the rest of 2018.

How and where will you be planting your seed for 2018?

This month, as a collective soul tribe, let's practice the following grounding rituals at least twice a week so when we peak over the soil and confidently bloom.

For those of us who are energetically sensitive, grounding is the key to our empowerment.

To be sensitive is not a weakness.

It allows us the power of empathy, which enables us to be able to deeply connect with others and serve. The flip side of this is that when we are not grounded and do not practice self care, we can take on other energies and start to feel overwhelmed.

Just as you cannot use a phone that is not charged, we cannot show up for anyone if we have not first shown up for ourselves.

Do this grounding ritual in order. Should only take 1-2 hours.


Get yourself into a high vibrational state before you begin to write, visualize and plant your seed. Feel free to use any of the exclusive soul tribe meditations here. 


After your meditation, ask yourself...

what is the one thing I want to improve upon so I can flourish this new year?

then, in your journal or in the notes of your phone, write down a one word theme that resonates with how you would like to approach this new year.

Maybe you want to... 

  • expand your creativity
  • take more action
  • be more productive
  • have more focus and drive
  • feel abundant
  • be healthy and clean
  • fitter spiritually and physically
  • create more of your own magic

There's no write or wrong, just whatever resonate with your heart's (and gut's) desire.

Next... write a paragraph or two or list the many things you would like to accomplish this year. 


Since the rhythm of nature is one of balance and pure love, spending time in nature is essential to connecting to our natural state.

Dare to walk barefoot on the dirt, gravel, sand or grass... feeling the earth beneath your feet.

There is a connection to every part of your body in your feet, so it is very cleansing to give your feet a natural massage on the earth.

By connecting to the earth’s negative ionic charge, it is like a reset for our systems.

Just listen... as you breath in and feel the temperature of the air wind against your skin.

Observe the thoughts and feelings that arise...

...and maybe... just maybe visions of your year will come to mind... maybe nudges of actions you need to take will arise.

(If you live in a concrete jungle or it's too cold to go outside, that's fine. Just being outside or finding mindful movement indoors will stimulate the thoughts and feelings that need to come to surface. Maybe take a yoga class or commute to a place far away with scenery and greenery). 


Write your nature walk experience

The thoughts that came to surface

the feelings that may still linger...

then close your eyes...


for your magical year ahead.



writing poetry





cook or bake

walk in nature again

call and listen to someone you love

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