dear spirit guides...

questions to explore in your journal. 

perhaps choose one or two to focus on each journaling day.

preferably in the morning, just as you rise with the sun and allow your stream of consciousness to flow...

or after a meditative imagining.

say this prayer inspired by psychic, ainslie macleod:

“i call upon my spirit guides, acting in my highest interest, and ask that all information i’m given is for the highest good of all concerned”

note: when complete, thank you spirit guides and tell them, “session over”

as you sit in front of your journal, close your eyes + and ask out loud or whisper each question out loud to your spirit guides… and listen for a message to come.

many messages do not make sense in the present moment, but you will understand.

messages are always concise and to the point.

words like “not really” or “sometimes” may be the ego.

do not doubt, just listen, and write. it may not be words, but feelings — interpret that.

not limited to the questions below — you may think of new questions along the way.


  1. do you have a name? if so, what is it?

  2. how can i best hear or communicate with you?

  3. how can i strengthen my intuition and listen more often?

  4. what is my soul’s purpose?

  5. what is my soul’s age?

  6. what are my soul’s greatest challenges in this lifetime?

  7. what have i been doing in my day to day that you’d like me to bring more awareness to?

  8. are there situations in my life that are holding me back in anyway?

  9. how should i approach or respond to negative situations in my life?

  10. how do i let this pain go away?

  11. how do i let go?

  12. what can i do today that will open up more doors for tomorrow?

  13. where do you see me living my best life to my highest good?

  14. what people in my life should i give more attention to?

  15. what are other ways to pay gratitude to you that i’m not aware of right now?

  16. what are some signs you give me to show me you’re here, you’re listening?

  17. what are some signs you give me to let me know i’m on the right path?

  18. what are ways i can care for and tend to my soul?

  19. (if you’re single) what are some qualities in a human that are the best match for me in this time?

  20. (single) is he/she on the way in the near future?

  21. (if you’re in a loving relationship) what are some ways i can best appreciate my mate?

  22. (if you’re questioning your relationship) is he/she right for me at this time?

  23. (if you’re questioning your relationship and you heard “no”) how should i go?

  24. am i working in the job?

  25. or on the right path for my the best work for me?

  26. (if not) how should i go? where should i look?

  27. how can i bring more abundance into my life?

  28. how do i best manifest?

  29. is there a gift you have for me?

  30. if there a gift i can gift you?