dear soul,


do you feel your soul’s wisdom more from your heart or gut?

take a deep breathe in, and stream your awareness from the crown of your head, all the way down to the core of your heart or gut.

rest here for awhile and feel the being-ness expand inside

ask your soul…

you may “hear” or “feel” succinct yes, no, or one-three simple word answers… no need to over analyze what is. just listen.

be patient, sometimes hearing takes time. you may not hear a verbal voice like you would when you’re communicating with someone on this plane. but the more you practice it, the more you feel the answers and know how to interpret it.



deep, deep breath in…

breath out and draw your awareness to your heart or gut

dear, soul

how are you really feeling?

how am i?

are we one?

will i be okay?

am i okay?

am i divinely connected?

am i love?

am i light?

am i doing and pursuing what you intend for me to do and pursue?

how can i give to the world more?

how can i give to those i love more?

how can i give to myself more?


now, think of a scenario in your life that has been causing you pain

hi, soul

how am i truly feeling about this situation?

will i be okay?

am i okay?

what can i do to heal from this situation?

how can i bring my love and light into this situation for myself?

how can i transcend this energy?

how can i give?


now, think of something you’re excited about when thinking of your future

dear, soul

how am i truly feeling about this?

are you excited about this?

do you think this is a good step for us, a good reach for us?

it’s not here yet, which may (or may not) bring me some anxiety or stronger desire to make it happen now --- how can i let this go and just know it’s coming?

do i need to do anything for it to come faster?

do i need to do anything for it to come?

how can i let go of this desire and trust it’s coming?


good, now… think of other questions you are curious about. you may be surprised where your soul may guide you. from the best exercise for your body at this time to going to a coffee shop because “he” may surprisingly be there.