dear 2019 self,

questions for exploring your intrinsic Self to bring your light into 2019, and manifest your truest desires. but first, perhaps it’s time to release some energy that is no longer serving you. releasing that energy from inside your body onto a pen and paper.

then, here are some suggestions… only suggestions: perhaps write after a meditation or walking in nature and use the power of stream of consciousness to get in a flow before you answer questions. (non-stop. anything. everything. no judgment. may not make sense. but you don’t put the pen down.)

first, set an intention

during this writing session ask that you will find clarity for how you plan to pursue your 2019. and perhaps, be used as a vessel to deliver a message your intrinsic Self needs to hear.

then… take a deep breath…

… and write.

just write

whatever comes to mind.

even if it begins with “today for breakfast i think i want to eat….

talk about your day, your gratitudes, your excitements… and then see what unfolds…

this will be divided into three parts to release, let go, and be lit up about.

the paper to burn

  • what were the darkest moments of 2018?

  • what pieces do you regret, if any?

  • any moments of guilt?

  • any moments of shame?

  • what are other lies your mind told you?

  • do you feel resistance towards anyone?

  • how may this resistance reflect on you?

  • do you ever find yourself feeling inferior or superior to anyone? (be honest, no one is going to see this but you… this is for the growth of your soul).

  • what did you move on from?

  • what have you officially let go (especially after writing it down here)?

burn it

the paper to hold dear and set aside… (or burn with a positive release in the ethers).

  • what lit you up this year?

  • who lit you up this year?

  • what did you learn?

  • what did you explore?

  • what color would you describe your 2018 intrinsic Self?

  • how would you describe your personal growth and understanding of your soul this year?

  • what love did you spread?

  • where did you spread love?

  • what are some newfound strengths you discovered within yourself?

  • how are you feeling right now?

  • what excites you about this present moment?

  • where are your favourite nature spots?

the paper to hold dear + revisit from time to time (or post)

light a candle or insense… place your crystals in sight that resonate most with you

  • what magic will you create in 2019?