self-expansion Qs six

questions to explore in your journal. 

perhaps choose one or two to focus on each journaling day.

preferably in the morning, just as you rise with the sun and allow your stream of consciousness to flow...

or after a meditative imagining.

  • dear (your name), is there pain sitting inside my being that needs to be released? 

  • where does this pain sit? 

  • what is my first memory of the triggering of this feeling?

  • what triggered this more recently? 

  • is this a familiar pain? if so, how have i healed this wound in the past? if not, how have you best healed from other pains?

  • what are the thoughts and stories i'm creating in my mind about this? 

  • are these thoughts and stories true? REALLY true? 

  • dear (your name), what is one step i can do today to release this pain? 

  • and what is one experience i can pursue that will help?

  • dear (your name), what is one thing that excites me right now? 

  • what is one experience that i am most looking forward to? 

  • who makes my heart happy in this phase of my life? 

  • what makes my heart sing in this season of my life? 

  • if i were to travel to one new country this year, which country would i travel to and why?

  • what makes me feel abundantly fulfilled right now? 

  • who makes me feel abundantly loved right now?

  • what about myself do i abundantly love right now?

  • how do i feel after my meditative imaginings?

  • how have meditative imaginings helped me expand?