self-expansion Qs one

questions to explore in your journal. 

perhaps choose one or two to focus on each journaling day.

preferably in the morning, just as you rise with the sun and allow your stream of consciousness to flow...

or after a meditative imagining.

Before you answer: put your pen down. Place your hands over your heart. Close your eyes. And listen for the answer... the non-judgemental and loving answer within. You may hear her in your mind. In your heart. In your stomach. Maybe through words. Maybe through feeling. Maybe both.

  1. What does being a happy and fulfilled person mean to you?

  2. What are the three of the most important lessons you learned so far in 2018?

  3. What brought you a sense of joy as a child?

  4. What brings you a sense of joy at this time in your life?

  5. What does creativity mean to you?

  6. What matters most to you creatively in this time in your life?

  7. What are three creative things you enjoyed doing as a child?

  8. What are three new creative things you would like to get into this 2018?

  9. How much time do you devote to creativity per week?

  10. How much time do you devote to yourself each day?

  11. What was your favorite children’s picture book you enjoyed when you were young? (Maybe consider re-reading it -- you may need to make an Amazon order asap)

  12. What helps you differentiate your monkey mind from your divine and intuitive guidance?

  13. Who is one person that is making your life easier right now?

  14. What do you love most about this person?

  15. Who is one person that you are not vibing with right now?

  16. What is something you like about this person?

  17. What would you like this month to look like?

  18. What one or two actions could you do this week to nurture your answer for number 17?