mantras for inner power + intention

Inner Power

Place both hands just above your navel. 

Visualize a yellow beaming inside this space. 


I don't need anyone's approval

but my own. 

I take my power back with love.

I take my power back with gratitude. 

For these lessons taught me, 

that all I need

all anyone needs

is for me... to be...


Live with Intention 

After you wake up



and go to write in your journal...

(fill in the blank)

To get one step closer to achieve my big dream to _____________________

today, I intend to ___________________ as one baby step closer to living this way.

And to align with this future.

I am ready to have a better day today,

to be 1% better than I was yesterday, 

today I intend to feel __________

and treat others with ____________.

repeat what you wrote out loud to yourself. 

Bring Light to Darkness

Light a candle or incense. If you have a crystal that speaks to you at this time, hold it close.  

Place both hands on your heart. Ask.

Please help me pave the way, to bring light and clarity to bring more peace and love to ____ (whatever comes to mind/your situation).

Thank you for helping me pave the way to bring light to all who are involved, including myself.

Guiding me to a place of peace and love for myself in this situation.