surrender prayer

this is for the yomie, feeling completely hopeless about something.

experiencing sadness and suffering. in need of surrendering. 

because at this point, the only thing that may bring you a glimpse of hope --

is that feeling after you surrende. allowing the universe to work it's magic for you.

cut, edit and tailor the prayer as you please

dear one,

innate intelligence, 

universe within me,

help me love my faults

my flaws

my doubts

my worries

my insecurities

my anxieties

my judgements

my suffering

on this particular situation

as i hand it to you. 

i'm open for you to allow the doors

of opportunity to heal this situation

to present themselves

to open themselves. 

as i take my hands off

and hand it to you

i trust

you have the greater way of resolving this

better than i can imagine at this time. 

so please, 

arrange all those involved,

in this piece

in this situation

so that doors open for them

so that doors open for me. 

dear one,

innate intelligence, 

universe within me,

i release my suffering to you.

i open the window

for you to intervene

your divine guidance

and arrangements

for a brighter day

and i thank you

for opening the doors at this time

that are just perfect for me.