smudging mantras

smudging prayers


how on goddess green earth did the native americans discover the wondrous power of lighting sage? 

i use their art of a simple smudge when i sense negative energies around me.

smudging: to purify a space, object or person by burning sacred herbs, like sage, alfalfa, and palo santo.

native americans smudged to call on the spirits who will drive away the low vibrations and stuck energies in their presence.

so, whether you sense these "negative energies" or not -- you will feel refreshed as smudging re-aligns your space and your being in a state of harmonious balance. and it feels gooooood.

it feels nice to pray in case you are experiencing blocks or feelings of unease, and smudging is just an extra tool who's scent will release negative ions to improve your mood -- aka opening up inner peace and creativity!

and our ancestors believed that if we allow our herbs to burn, we may be able to connect with our lineage as smell triggers memory. so who knows what may unfold. 

here are prayers you may recite after you blow the flame and you wave your smudge stick that glows red with the rising smoke:

a native american prayer

creator, great mystery
source of all knowing and comfort, 
cleanse this space of all negativity.
open our pathways to peace and understanding
love and light fills each of us and our sacred space
our work here shall be beautiful and meaningful
banish all energies that would mean us harm
our eternal gratitude
- the medicine wheel garden, e. barrie kavasch

universal modern prayer

may the energy around me clear
only with the vibrations of my own
may all negative energies be released
as i remain here in this space in peace. 

my go-to prayer

(though I adlib it every time... it usually goes something like this)

dear angels and divine light, 
please remove all energies that do not serve me
i call forth the consciousness of (sage/palo santo/herb)
to work with my team and fully cleanse all negativity and heavy density around me
anything that does not align with my highest being.
thank you for cleaning my energy to raise my vibration
opening up my mind to your creative vision
and align with my soul's mission on this day, according to your divine will.
thank you for clearing this space and helping me stay connected with you.
thank you. thank you. amen.


create a prayer for yourself that speaks to you!

just don't forget to thank your angels, the Universe, God, divine guidance or whoever you're calling in to clear your space.