post-meditation journaling

a collection of questions to ask yourself post meditation (an extension from june's magic challenge).

answer what interests you -- maybe five, ten, all, or few. 

  • what sensations came up for you + in your body?
  • in what areas did you feel tension, if any? 
  • what did you see, imagine, visualize from your mind's eye?
  • did you hear any whispers? 
  • did any ideas of sparks of inner inspiration areas? 
  • do you see yourself living the images that came to you?
  • did you recall on any memory?
  • did you have moments of complete clarity?
  • did you have moments of pure presence -- where nothing and no one came to mind?
  • when you finally opened your eyes, what aftermath sensations were resonating?

extension from magic challenge:

  • did you find any "blocks" that are limiting you from your full expression on this life experience?
  • were there moments of pain?
  • were there moments of peace?
  • any wounds healed?
  • any needs for closure sealed?
  • any automatic thoughts that do not serve you arise? 
    • ie: "no one listens to me. i'm not worthy. i'm not good enough. i'm sad. something doesn't feel right."
  • any automatic thoughts that empower you arise? 
  • ie: "i am deserving. i am free. i am worthy. i'm at peace. i love my life. this feels so right. 
  • were you ever distracted by thoughts that stress you out? 
  • what is the best technique for you to release thoughts that do not serve you? (visualize the thought leaving, shift the thought to something lighter?)
  • did something  arise that emotionally triggered you?
  • what do you think this thought or memory was telling you?
  • was there a stand out message that was suppressed for so long, that you finally received? 
  • any new messages that surprised you?
  • how did you feel when you woke up from this meditation?