personal power crystals



aka "The Success Stone", Citrine is the powerhouse go-to stone to help us radiate our inner power, and help us align with the vibration of our soul's definition of prosperity.  The warm stone makes room for manifesting abundance of all our desires into our lives. She welcomes a wide range of possibilities and new opportunities for us to pursue. Carry citrine around in your pocket, and you may have trouble deciding which new potential endeavors to dive into.

We also call this stone, the happy stone, because she emanates a warm and sunny glow that lightens our spirits. Citrine is also a healer and care-taker of interpersonal relationships, so we can maintain our own levels of love and not absorb any toxic opinions around us. Allow her vibrations to bring you heaps of health, happiness, intelligence, confidence, financial stability and healing wisdom. 



Carnelian is a power stone! The energy of the carnelian helps us tap in to our soul's unique creativity and inner confidence. This stone helps us feel the depth of our true expression and lends a hand of courage for us to step into our personal power. The charm of this warm, vibrant reddish stone is a must-have for anyone who may need that extra vibration of encouragement in their field.

This gem is for the entertainers. The writers. The actors. The singers. The comedians. The poets. Or for anyone stepping into a powerful position. The boss. The leader. The date. The photoshoot. Test day. 

Carnelian well easy any anxiety, fear or worry about situation or circumstance you're entering into. This stone will bring a vibration of luck as you confidently walk into any room in which you want to bring our your most empowered self. Have a job interview coming up? An audition? A date? A party with many people you want to connect with? Or a date with you, your journal, and pen? Stick Carnelian in your pocket, then. She'll ease you in.