Mantras + Affirmations: (NEW for May)

I am an uplifter

because... you are!

you know that you there are many beings

that you've made smile


brought tears of joy

and they feel better, just with your presence

remind yourself of that essence

I see the light in my heart

Brightening the darkness my mind sees 

When you're vibrations are low: sad, upset, depressed

Close your eyes

And focus on the center of your chest

your heart

and listen

visualize the light inside beaming

I fly up as the observer

In any situation that doesn't serve you

that doesn't make you feel good

that makes you feel "less than" in any way

fly up and look at this situation with a bird's eye view

disconnect your energetic cords from this situation

knowing full well that this is not you... and does not deserve to be part of you

part of your story

see it from an outside lens

that sees in your heart

you always mean well

I surrender

Take a deep breath in

exhale all the air out

You do not need to find the solution

you do not need to control the situation

all you need to do 

is let go