mantras for anxiety : english + sanskrit

A chant for the remover of obstacles…

eh hem, Ganesha:

Position yourself into a comfortable easy seat with your legs crossed.

Spine tall (even against a wall).

Place both hands over your heart. 

Visualize the image of Ganesha at your third eye.


Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha

Translation: salutations to the remover of obstacles -- (aka Ganesha).

Chant this mantra allowing your mind and body to release any anxiety or stress and fall into a state of pure zen and contentment. 

Repeat in your mind, out loud, or listen to Deva Prema chant this 108 times. 

Sanskrit mantra for anxiety

After you rise with the sun


sit up

and repeat the following Sanskrit mantra first thing in the morning to release or prevent anxiety from arising during the day

Om Ram Ramaya Namaha

This mantra manifests positive thoughts and feelings. 

And releases negative energies that keep our vibrations low. 

Feeling anxious about an event coming in the near future? Repeat this to conquer it!

English Mantra for Anxiety

When the event that brings you anxiety or stress occurs, 


This is only a paper tiger

Paper tiger: someone who at first glance seems to be in charge but who, on closer examination, is completely powerless. (

A reminder that that thought is not you, not a part of you, has nothing to do with you. It is a distraction to lower your vibration. But it has nothing to do with you unless you create the story that it does. You are the ultimate writer of your story. Is that thought that is bringing a sense of dissatisfaction, anxiety, unease, unworthiness really worth it? Paper tigers aren't as quick as you, just so you know.