hello, intuition

You knew it.

You knew that they were not telling the full truth.

You knew you shouldn’t have gone for him/her.

You knew your grandma was hiding the cookies.


You wanted to trust them.

So you ignored what you knew.

Your wise intuition is not just a nudge you feel or that uneasy feeling in your gut. Your intuition is the sixth sense that guides you in the right direction. She is your best and most honest non-physical friend that gifts us many signs to follow the right path. (Side note: gentlemen… feel free to replace all she's + hers with he's + his).


And if you listen carefully, you may save yourself a lot of grief and uncertainty.

What are you ignoring right now or who are you giving the benefit of the doubt to?

We all have our own unique way of tapping and tuning in to listen to that voice.

Some may get that strong feeling in their gut on most occasions. Others may experience her voice more strongly in their heart. Some may get ideas. Some may hear the voice in music. Some may feel strong gusts of winds. Or goosebumps -- eh hem, “truth-bumps”.

And the more often you listen, the louder she becomes. And the other voice… that silly ego of yours…




And becomes a bit more distant.


You may think she’s a little offended you listened to the other voice.

But she’ll never be offended. Even when you can’t hear her, she will always whisper helpful notes... even as the other voice is screaming. 

And yes, there are some conscious beings that have her dialed in at most every moment. But were they born this way? Most likely not. They were likely heavily influenced by the noise of society too... stirring feelings of guilt, shame, jealousy, sadness, depression and any other toxic feeling brewing inside. However, they had to train themselves to shift their mindsets to tune in to what their really feeling with a conscious detox to get rid of all negative energies that no longer serve them. 


Here are five lessons we’ve learned from Masters along our exploration to connect and listen to our intuition... especially in times when we need her most. 




Walk in nature.

Touch the leaves on the trees.

Smell the flowers.

Observe the flowers. 

Listen to the birds.

Observe the birds. 

Mindfully sip your coffee or tea.


If you can’t hear her when you’re seeking an answer… if your mind is too noisy and crowded… you just need some space. A breath of fresh mental air.

Slow down.

Give yourself permission to calm your hyper mind for a few moments. Get still. Give yourself permission to be still.

Imagine all the noise floating out of your head... out of the room... tell it you’ll get back to it later, because this is a time for you.


And allow yourself a moment to just be.

Maybe… you’ll hear her.



Never. Ever. As best you can...

Go to bed angry or in negative spirits.

It may be easier to listen and feel your intuition when your emotions are light. When your body feels lighter.

Anger, despair, jealousy, guilt, regret, shame or any emotions that do not make you feel good, are weighted feelings. These burdens may increase in weight as you sleep. Even if you “slept on it” and feel fine as you rise. You only slept with it.

Allowing these feelings to stir, creating more negative thoughts in your subconscious... Creating a shadow that will come to the surface further down the road. A shadow that covers the voice and light of your intuition.

Talk them out with a friend.

Write all that negative energy in your journey.

Think of things you are looking forward to in the near future. 

Say out loud what you are TRULY grateful for. 

Place your energy elsewhere so it doesn’t build a bed in your mind as you sleep.



Becoming in tune with your body’s relationship with food. She’ll be louder the more in tune you are with -- not only your mind -- but your body too.

Learn to know what foods make you feel good.

There are so many tools that are used to discover what foods work best for your body -- depending on our personality.

Food Journaling. If this means you need to start food journaling to bring awareness to your body’s reactions 30-60 minutes after a meal so you can avoid another bloating, fatigued or moody episode… then you’ll learn, maybe that type of nut butter doesn’t make you feel good after all. It will take time. I mean… who wants to eat the same food every day? So you’ll discover so much about your body’s relationship with food. And it will change over time. But food journaling is a good start, and it becomes a successful daily practice for some people. We’ve noticed the majority of those people end up becoming the most in tune with what works for their body... and what does not. Journaling is one of the most powerful and approachable tools to connect with the guidance of your body and your intuition.


Practice Mindful Eating. If this is not a concept you’re familiar with, it may be the most simple practice for you to start with. Simply, choose just one meal a day -- breakfast, lunch, or dinner -- where you choose to purposefully bring awareness of each bite of each meal without distractions. No TV. No books. Maybe… no humans.

Just you.

Your meal.

Savoring each and every bite.

Chew slowly.

Notice the taste and consistency.

Notice how much you enjoy (or don’t enjoy) this meal.

As you mindfully chew eat the bite, listen to your body. Listen to the guidance within during and after your meal. If you didn’t feel your best, you’ll instinctively know not to reach for that meal again.  


This is important.

Very important.

Believe she is always there. This will never fail you. But truly…


We really can’t provide steps to make this happen. With all the practice of tuning in and listening… one day.. you will.



This is may be the most important.

Very important.


You may hear of feel an answer your ego may not agree with. But you KNOW it’s right.

Don’t suppress it. Ask it. Ask if that is your ego talking or YOU. If she gives you the answer again, and you feel that that is right -- even if it’s not what you want. Take action under her guidance.

If it’s hard to listen, you may need to clear thought space by circling back to the first lesson above, but listen.

She’s ready to be heard more frequently. Don’t dismiss the truth-bumps or any other feeling you’ll receive after reading this. She may even be giving you some sort of sensation now… listen.


Feel free to ask any questions below.