coloring your 2019 intrinsic Self

lately, i’ve been exploring the call + wonder of my intrinsic Self.

you know, the she who knows my truth in this world. who silences the ego. follows the calls of the soul, while painting her color on earth.

this ego she carries has learned to become quieter, knowing it will not be the one driving 2019. you may be aware of this silly ego… you know, that voice who usually speaks social verbage to us - mostly “heard” in our mind. loves to chitty chat chat about what we should be doing in every moment. but also loves to remind us of what we shouldn’t have done in the past and what we should be striving for when it comes to the future, (with a quiet or loud whisper of “you’re not good enough”). i’ll sometimes refer to the ego as the “mind” or eckhart tolle’s reference as the “pain-body”.

and i intend to continue to spend more time in the “no mind" land… just standing in the call of the Soul always knows, without a doubt or any question, that you are always love, loved, enough, and all is well. in fact, “should”, “shouldn’t” “not good” and “enough” aren’t even part of your Soul’s vocabulary… if it had one.

but, this… this next part is what we live for (literally) our Self. our intrinsic Self who is here to give our soul an experience, who loves to create her own way in this world, which intentionally or unintentionally cloaks the ego. being tapped into your intrinsic Self is when you listen to the call of the inner voice of the soul, and pursue the desire whilst painting the color in the pursuit of whatever she desires with her own unique personality.

so… of course i intend to paint 2019 by setting intentions, journaling, rituals and call ins with my angels, and perhaps actually paint my 2019 self with watercolor (my favorite).

but, i also will explore more of this one we call, raquelle, paint her truth to the highest degree she can possibly be this upcoming year. living her life to the fullest for the sake of her soul and soul’s mission.

and how?

there’s no formula or recipe, as all we need is to follow what lights our inner being up, whether that be journaling, writing, poetry, painting, exploring in nature or all the above.


but a simple outline idea of what i’ll be doing throughout december to prepare for the mark of the new year:

  • meditation to a meditation similar to this visualize my 2019 morrow

  • practicing a walking meditation in nature like this to gather clarity and inspiration through the whispers of mama earth as i walk in a present state

  • find a peaceful spot in nature, perhaps overlooking a valley, lake, ocean, rive, waterfall, and contemplate my truth - my present truth

  • pray in this spot, to my angels, my guides, thanking them for guiding the way for the most magical 2019

  • light sage or palo santo, closing your eyes, and setting intention to release all energies that may hold you back during this pursuit (it will trickle away in time, perhaps not immediately, but your being is now aware).

  • journal - asking and answering questions like these

  • write a list of intentions and desires like this

  • create a vision board for 2019

  • water color or sketch 2019 self

  • give extra thanks and love to those i love… just because

  • and of course, ask the universe (out loud) to pave this path for the intentions and desires, and that they come true or something better that is to your soul’s highest good.

  • make sure to thank them in them in advance for also showing you a sign that resonates with you, to remind you they’re with you and you’re on the right path (mine is usually seeing 44’s in multiples or certain birds and butterflies)

  • and let it go (so important as thirstiness will only resist the manifestation)

here’s an old version of me doing this, preparing for 2017 (before i leaped onto my solo adventure)… + guess what manifested…

Screen Shot 2018-12-01 at 06.06.39.png