crystals for your inner cleopatra

source:  energy muse

source: energy muse

Turquoise: This vibrant blue-ish green-ish crystal has been one of the greatest healers for centuries. For the ancient Egyptian inside you, this legendary stone was a protector of King Tut and Cleopatra. Or to feed the Native American you may have been in a past life, she was a healing tool and a sacred stone that linked a connection between heaven and Earth. She is a personal protector, a healer, a spiritual beauty, a good-luck charm for many ancient and modern cultures. Hold her in the palm of your hand or place her on your third eye while you meditate and all her energetic vibrations to gift you with a strong shield and the highest vibration of love, luck, and healing. 


Emerald:  Breath in positivity and love. Breath out negativity and whatever doesn't serve you with the power of the stone of May. Emerald's green rays emit successful and abundant love. Her power holds the desire to give love to not only others but also to your own self. Plus, don't be surprised if her energy brings people into your electromagnetic energy field who want to give you more love, as well. Allow her spiritual vibration to remind you to welcome more positive people and experiences while simultaneously letting go of negative people and experiences. 

Source:  Energy Muse

Source: Energy Muse