for the new moons...


may the power of mama new moon,

bring more brightness to the bed of stars

as the stars light up the sky

and light up your shell

radiating their light onto your essence

we are all influenced by mama moon’s powerful energy

as she’s takes over the sky in her

in her many dresses

from crescent to hidden

or basking in her full glory.

standing as the light in the dark

or fading into the darkness

to open opportunity for us to

release the darkness within

and just like mama moon…

we cycle through new seasons

with a new daily appearance

making our way back

to begin a new

just as she pulls the ocean’s tides

she pulls in our shells, (made 70% of water)

and in some cosmic way we’re swayed by her moods.

just as she may brighten or dim the sight of the stars

our shells, which are made of stardust,

may brighten (or dim a bit) too.

so, as the world becomes more awake

and people begin to tune in to their own soul

during the peak of the new moon

may we become intentional

with breathing in new beginnings

and breathing out rusty energy

to breathe in what we desire

and release any dark matter.

this is an opportune time to

purge the shit that has been preventing you from welcoming in our inner desires

to purge the shit holding you back

the blocks

the barriers

the beliefs

that make you believe in the untruth that you can’t…

when in reality…

if you desire it

if you conceive it

mama new moon reminds you

you deserve to achieve it

this is a time to bring to mind

all the good things you’ve been manifesting

into your life

intentionally or unintentionally

this allows more of the good things to come

while gifting you more


inspirational thoughts

motivated actions

and crystal quartz clear clarity

the is new beginning

an opportune time to allow yourself

to start fresh

new moon ceremonies

whether celebrated alone (as often intended for the new moon, as we go inward)

or in great company (which is possible, too… just give everyone their space simultaneously)

give us permission

to recognize the bs

and wake up the next day

born again




if you’re in a new moon group circle… keep in mind, you’re in a safe, conscious, non-judgemental, high vibe space in which everyone has there own challenges -- as everyone is (most likely) human. if you’re leading it, make sure to make others feel comfortable about opening up and emphasise that this is a safe space

so, here’s how i prefer to dance with the new moon

feel free to tweak the practice a wee bit depending on the type of moon, if you desire

i.e. ‘leo new moon’ ‘taurus new moon’ ‘virgo new moon’…

you will need:

  • at least two candles to set the vibe

  • essential oils you feel drawn to on this night

  • real rock salt (himalayan, celtic, sea or epsom salt)

  • paper or journal

  • pen

  • your cleansing wand (sage, palo santo, mugwort, etc)

  • flowers, leaves, or plants (optional)

  • crystals (optional)

  • meditation pillow or something for comfort (optional)

  • bath (optional)

begin by placing your candles, flowers, crystals + pillows where ever you feel they should be placed to feel and enhance the energy of the space

light your candles

cleanse your sacred area by lighting your wand and waving it around the room for the smoke to touch almost all of the air space

sit on your pillow or comfortable space. feel free to sit as ‘yogi’ or ‘lax’ as you’d like — i’ve learned the universe cares less than we think, it’s more so humans that care for socially proper seats. but a long spine is always good to protect your back.

begin in silence as you close your eyes and draw your awareness to mama new moon, transitioning this awareness slowly to your surroundings of the room and finally inward. may take 2-6 minutes.

break the silence by opening the ceremony with a prayer… for example:

dear mother moon,

thank you for this phase

and a new start

as i free myself from the past

heal the wounds i’ve battled

and cleanse all energies that no longer serve me

my spirit is renewed

and i celebrate the new beginnings

from this new day

in this new cycle of my life

i call upon you to transform my

negative thoughts + beingness

to something and someone reborn

and reconnect more deeply

with my inner light


if you have a window, look toward her and bask in her glory — even though she’s not in sight

if you’re inside, look up towards the sky feeling her powerful energy.

say something you’re grateful about this moment to mama moon as you rub the essential oil you’re vibing with most on your wrist, collar bones, neck, and dot a bit on your third eye. lavender is my go-to gal for new + full moon. purpose: for the rest of the night (and perhaps the next morning if it lingers) you are reminded of this gratitude, which will keep your vibrations lifted.

when you’re smelling good, time to grab a paper or journal and begin to script your new beginning and what you’re calling in or this next moon phase— along with every energy you intend to release inside of you.

whether your alone or in a group, this new beginning is something to keep sacred to yourself… just between you, your guidance team, and the new moon… as this is the time to turn inward.

after you write everything down, feel free to read it once if you feel called to. now it is time to close the journal or fold the page and put it away… to reflect upon during the another moon ritual where you may welcome it or let it go.

if you have a bath, hope into a bath and allow yourself this time to relax. place epsom salt, flowers, and oils in the bath to soak in as you are cleansing away old energy. after the bath, feel free to watch part (or all) of that energy drain way down the drain…

now it is time to let this go and allow the new beautiful things to manifest in to your life in magical and miraculous ways! just trust the process… it may or may not happen this moon, depending on the ask, but just know… it will! if it doesn’t happen between this new moon + next, feel free to remind mama new moon every phase till it comes into fruition.