for the full moons...


we all have our own rituals

(including a ritual of not practicing a ritual)

to celebrate mama moon in her full glory.

but no matter which path we walk,

we’re all affected by this her illuminating presence.

there’s no escaping her beams.

nowhere to run from her magic.

just as she pulls the ocean’s tides

she pulls in our shells, (made 70% of water)

and in some cosmic way we’re swayed by her moods.

just as she may brighten or dim the sight of the stars

our shells, which are made of stardust,

may brighten (or dim a bit) too.

so, as the world becomes more awake

and people begin to dance underneath the full moon

may we become intentional

at dancing with her power

to illuminate what we love

and release any dark matter.

this is an opportune time -- to make a consistent practice

to breathe in something new

and breathe out something we’ve needed to heal

to breathe in the creation of your reality

and breathe out any unconscious manifestations.

this is an opportune time to

purge the shit that blocks us from becoming our most magnetic self

you know…

the food

the bad


too much food

the booze

too much booze

the drug

the sex

the personal


the entertainment

mindless overuse

or whatever it is that we do to distract us from

our lives in this human experience

whatever continues to cause suffering,

even if in that moment, it instantly gratifies

whatever continues to create pain in relationships

even if in that moment, harboring this tension makes us ‘think’ we’re right

full moon ceremonies

whether celebrated alone

or in great company (as often intended)

give us permission

to recognize the bs

and wake up the next day

born again




if you’re in a full moon group circle… keep in mind, you’re in a safe, conscious, non-judgemental, high vibe space in which everyone has there own challenges -- as everyone is (most likely) human. if you’re leading it, make sure to make others feel comfortable about opening up and emphasise that this is a safe space

so, here’s how i prefer to dance with the full moon

feel free to tweak the practice a wee bit depending on the type of moon, if you desire

i.e. ‘strawberry moon’, ‘worm moon’ ‘blood moon’

be alone in your own energy, or invite other high vibing brings who welcome this with curiosity and without judgement (very important)



cleanse your sacred area by lighting incense that your vibing with most -- lately i’m into palo santo and mugwort. most people light sage.

light candles. i light non-toxic candles to touch every close corner and many circles in the center in the room.

place your meditation (or regular) pillow, tarot, pens, essential oil, blank paper or journal, lighter, and another lit candle in the center of the room

sit in the middle of your space circled around the center candle propping your bums up on pillows in any comfortable position. feel free to sit as ‘yogi’ or ‘lax’ as you’d like — i’ve learned the universe cares less than we think, it’s more so humans that care for socially proper seats. but a long spine is always good to protect your back.

begin in silence closing your eyes. first, draw your awareness to mama moon, transitioning this awareness slowly to your surroundings, finally inward. may take 2-6 minutes.

break the silence by opening the ceremony with a prayer… for example:

dear mother moon,

thank you for this time, as you beam fully present

with your luminescent presence

to remind me (us) of your guidance and light

through any darkness in this season of our life

thank you for this opportune time

to cleanse and release any thought forms or feelings

that no longer lift or hinder me (us)

so i (we) may align with my (our) greatest good

i am (we are) here with you

with an intention or two

to set free and release into the sky

as i (we) invite my (our) angels and guides

to use me (us) as a vessel to manifest something i’m (we’re) calling tonight

as i (we) rise closer toward your beaming and shining bright

may you guide me (us) in recognizing my (our) darkness

illuminated by my (our) moonbeams within this existence

mother moon, may these intentions we set manifest

after we send them to you and lay them to rest

if you have a window, look toward her and bask in her light.

if you’re inside, look up towards the sky feeling her powerful energy. (don’t worry) in moments, you will be guided to step outside to look up at her if it’s not too cloudy or polluted and you’re able to see her.

say something you’re grateful about this moment to mama moon as you rub the essential oil you’re vibing with most on your wrist, collar bones, neck, and dot a bit on your third eye. lavender is my go-to gal. purpose: for the rest of the night (and perhaps the next morning if it lingers) you are reminded of this gratitude, which will keep your vibrations lifted.

when you’re smelling good, time to grab a paper or journal and begin to script your intentions for this next moon phase — along with every energy you intend to release inside of you.

if alone -- this next part is solo. if in a group, go around the moon circle one-by-one, like you’re circling around the moon clockwise, and begin to read out loud the words you have written on your paper.

if something is personal, that’s okay — only share what you feel called to. however, for the energy to be released, make sure you whisper it in your mind during your turn as others send good vibes toward you.

when everyone has shared, step outside with your papers and a lighter

look at mama full moon as you begin to burn each of the papers.

as you witness your paper burn say out loud, “thank you for these intentions to manifest and what i want to release be gone good!” something that may not need to be said, but be conscious about the flame. if you’re in a land that is likely to start a fire, don’t light one, just release these intentions to the moon as you rip apart the paper to be thrown away.

everyone… unabashedly howl at the moon!