energy cleansing rituals

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When you’re in the shower, feel the warm waterfall onto your body. Imagine that each water drop is golden light, washing away any energies that no longer belong to you. Anything negative vibrations flow into the drain as you call in more light.

sage smudging

This is an extremely powerful practice to do before bed,  or after you have been surrounded by a large group of people. Light the sage and stand with your eyes closed for a moment. Take 3 deep breaths, observing your energy. Move the sage around your entire field and imagine a waterfall of light pouring through you. This light surrounds you and envelops you in a loving energy. All energies of the day are cleared as they melt back into the earth. Draw a circle of light around you and say the affirmation, "circle of light please come about. Keep the loving energy in and the energy that does not serve me out." 


Set up a simple bath with Himalayan salts. Salts are very purifying and cleansing. Bring in your favorite candles, essential oils, and relaxing music. Before you step into the tub, visualize that the water is filled with so much healing love. Set your intention before stepping in. This is your sacred time that you so deserve to care for yourself.


Every night before bed, imagine all of the energies that you encountered that day. Every person, environment, or situation you dealt with. Visualize putting all of these people and energies into a bubble of pure light. Surround them with so much love. Now step out of the bubble, and say “what’s mine is mine, what’s yours is yours. Thank you for disconnecting me from all energies that do not belong to me and are no longer serving me. Return them with love to their original source.” Imagine the bubble rolling away from you. The only energy you will carry to sleep is yours