let's play 'EIGHT'


something new I’ve channeled

…and now I must share with you.

I believe my guides are calling it “eight”

‘cause I couldn’t see passed doing more than eight

it’s very simple,

after you had meditated OR if you feel open + in alignment with a reading then

let the magic begin..

close your eyes

take a few breaths in + out


pick a number


the first one that comes to heart

the one that resonates

is your

number for the day (or week/month)

feel free to ask your guides to deliver the number to you through thought

have your number?


scroll to it + see what message is in store for you…


you’re moving into a season of becoming more of a free visionary spirit. you are having a spiritual breakthrough or undergoing a strong transformation. trust your instinct with the questions that keep coming to mind — you know, you ALWAYS know. it either feels like a "yes” or “no” in your gut. for whatever it is, you are right. whatever ideas or perfections being chased are just illusions. what you feel is not. what you feel is real. you are strengthening your intuitive senses.


you inner warrior is expanding to greater lengths. the seasons in your life where you achieved great rewards and triumph is a side of yourself you’re tapping back into. integrate this inner warrior with the inner angel and your presence will grow more radiant whenever you enter a room. you are about to stand in your power more strongly than ever, while simultaneously being a light for others who look up to you. with this fixed gaze you will leap to a higher frequency.


hello, lion. yes… you’re entering into a season of life where you’re more tapped into the spirit animal of a lion than ever before. your strength and roar in standing up for your truth is becoming more prominent - and instinctive. yet, at the same time, the lion within represents so much more than that. your lion also shows your most composed self — a patience untouched. or you may be in need of finding this inner lion for situations arising. in either case, remember that it’s up to you to bring light to this side of yourself by mustering up fearless courage daily. when you embody this, no one will stand in your way.


something in your life either needs a little more light — or needs to end all together. this part of your life is seeking understanding or closure in some way. you are being guided to change course, which is a beautiful thing. because when you do, you will feel a positive transformation and radiate a stronger light. note that the transformation will begin after the you bring awareness to this before it gets darker or after the first stages of grief and suffering of it’s comfort has passed. this is a sign you are growing deeper into your spiritual transformation, as integrating the dark and light or becoming keenly aware of the need to shift is a great sign of you’re in the process of raising your vibrational frequency.


tonight, gaze up at the night sky. whether or not the clouds, a full moon, or light on earth is not covering the stars - breath in and sense their tinkling wonder of abundance. inhale their energy as they nourish you with your most radiant presence. you are shifting to become more of a “glow” when you enter the room. people are becoming more magnetically drawn to you. refresh and renew this energy as often as possible by stepping outside and basking in the glimmer of the stars. you are a force of brightness shining your light on those who could use a glimpse of your essence. embrace it.


there’s great beauty about to unfold in front of you. but it’s up to you to step into the depths of your subconscious mind to enter your scenes of your life by closing your mind and rewinding back to a moment in the time of your childhood. get lost in some old memories for awhile - laughing with family and playing with old friends. as you flash through these memories, something that didn’t serve you will appear. something that didn’t feel right. this is a time to reprogram. look at that memory and re-write it’s script. when you replay through your new old memory, bring yourself back to your awakened state. feel the new beauty of something that needed to shift within in order to move forward. now you’re free from this barrier. now you’re free to fly.


hello, natural psychic. you’re tapping in. your insights for others — whether you recognize them as intuitive or not — will be bringing soulful healing and deeper inner awareness to those around you. bask in the glory of the arts, music, fashion or any form of beauty. you will soak in the creative expression of what you attune to and will embody it in your reality. yet, be careful and always listen to your strong intuitive senses as tempting situations are about to arise — and you’re mind may say yes, but your gut will scream NO. listen. this will cloud your vision and may lead you down a path not aligned with your desires. simply stay on by listening to your inner voice and dancing in your creative essence.


that area you feel stagnant in life… that area you feel is doing you more harm than good as it is preventing you from thriving in some way. it’s time to finally admit it, face it, accept it, pack your bags, and move forward. there is no hope in rekindling an old spark or trying to work out the kinks. there is no hope in staying. perhaps this is with a person, a career, or a habit within yourself that you’re holding onto the sake of comfort or familiarity. but this is no longer serving you in more ways than meets the eye. lift your chin up and look out into the horizon. see there’s a whole new world before you. time to take one step forward. yes, it won’t be easy. yes, it will take strength and courage. yes, it may be painful initially. but soon it will be a thing of the past — and you’ll finally be dancing in a new and brighter chapter.


your message may be immediately clear or something to pocket for later this day, week, or month…

email me at hello@raquellemantra.com

+ let me know what came through

for you.

I’m curious if this resonated for you in anyway.

hope this helped shift you in some way!

all love,