energy cleanse for your home


We soak up tried and true ancient rituals. Even what may seem "woo-woo" to most modern day beings, we see it as a beautiful ancestral wisdom we choose to honor and carry on. Dried white sage has been used for thousands of years, particular by Native Americans, to clear old, unwanted energies and dark forces that a space may be harboring. Almost every night or after new visitors leave, we mindfully sage our whole home saying out loud, "what's mine is mine, what's yours is yours, please release all energies that no longer serve my highest good in this space." 


Salt is an absorber of negative energies that can be used to cleanse your home. Sprinkle salt in the corners of every room and sweep it up every few weeks. We like to use thick Himalayan sea salts -- (because they are more aesthetically pleasing for our space). 


The powerful aromas of candles and incense will lift your spirit immediately, releasing negative energy that may be attached to you. We highly recommend jasmine or nag champa. It's extra powerful to light them around the new moon. We have them placed in selected areas around our home. However, some people prefer to dedicate a altar of high vibes where they may chant mantras and positive affirmations to ignite the space. 


Bathe crystals in the sun for a few hours or soak them in salt water overnight to clear their energies. Place them around the house in different areas, allowing their vibrations to sweep away whatever is not serving you... what energy is not yours. Plus... crystals are gorgeous. 


This, we have yet to try... and it may seem too "woo-woo" for some of you. But many cultures shake out pots and pans -- or play them like instruments with a wooden spoon or hands -- to scare away any negative energies that do not belong in their space. Try it and see if your space feels lighter. (Also, let us know how it goes... we're intrigued).