2019 goals with soul

happy first day of this revolution around the sun.

most of us are vibing and riding high.

we have been


intention setting


and getting creative with painting our intrinsic self, our most magnetic self, for 2019.


if you haven’t already…

but perhaps,

you feel called to set some actual, humanly tangible goals (nothing spiritually wrong with that… i believe it excites the universe in some way).

there’s nothing wrong with…

desiring more.

more money

more opportunity

more love interests

more likeminded friends

more impact

more creative ideas

more wisdom




we all deserve

more of everything

yet, we have been programmed to believe it is wrong to desire more of anything


perhaps, leaders setting the rules back when were in fear we would understand how the laws of the universe work


perhaps, we have blocks surrounded by abundance and money — especially stories of being told that having an abundance of wealth will not make you happy.

well, of course it won’t.

but it does take a load of stress off.

it does make us feel more secure to fine tune our instrument daily, open to do and create more beyond having to make more money.

knowing money or anything we desire is flowing in opens the door to being about to expand our human experience in many ways — and the freedom to give however much we desire, without feeling an ounce of scarcity.

so… perhaps…

if you’re feeling called to make a list of some goals — and would like to layer it with the love of your soul.

then do.

first. ask your soul

if this endeavour feels right for you. and listen.

if your heart or your stomach doesn’t feel right — or you hear the word “no”… then, that’s a given.

if your hear or your stomach doesn’t feel much — continue to ask and listen

if your heart of your stomach feels slight better or joy —- then that’s a given.

if it’s hard to listen because the mind is too busy standing in the way, ask your mind politely to step aside for a moment and you’ll get back to it later. or, perhaps, try again after a meditation, yoga practice, or any grounding ritual.

second. being clear on your why

when we are clear on why we want more opportunity

why we would like a romantic partner

why we would like to manifest six figures

why we would like to be lose or gain weight

why we would like to drink more water

and that why comes from a voice + feeling beyond that of the ego

beyond wanting to impress people, be attractive, buy nice things

but really…

our core why, the root why

of what we think it may bring…

then this goal with soul will not only excite + energize us to the point of accomplishment…

but, we will be a magnet to more abundant synchroncities coming our way.

your core why is most likely a simple feeling..


to experience more joy

more inner peace

more contentment

more love in and outside

more… life…

third. given your core why, list the little things

let’s say your core why is

you believe this goal will allow you the opportunity to experience more joy…

then write a list of little, tangible, easy to do things

you can do every day or week

that bring you that spark of joy

to align your present feeling with the way you believe you’ll feel when you accomplish your goal.


being present with your coffee or tea

nature walks

talking to your funniest friend

writing pen pal letters

window shopping for traveling…

whatever it is that sparks that feeling that aligns with your core why…

do more of that…

fourth. welcome the goal with soul to come in divine time.

some believe the universe does well on a schedule,

in my experience… it does happen… but in divine timing

sometimes sooner than expected

but most often later

when i’m truly vibrationally ready


continue to ask

continue to trust it’s coming

whether it be next week

next year

or, in some cases (depending how big the goals is), the next decade


it’s coming.

fifth. trust

enough said.