prayers of service

Prayer of service:

Dear Universe,

Thank you for aligning me with my soul’s purpose and guiding me to live from love in each moment. As the new year reigns in, please show me the path you would have me take. Show me the way in which I can be of service to you and have the maximum impact of love and healing on the world.

Forgiveness Prayer:

Dear universe,

Thank you for healing my mind of any thoughts, beliefs, and energies that are no longer serving me. Please lift my thought process up to yours so I may see through the eyes of unconditional love. Help me to forgive and let go of anything I may be holding in my heart so I can be released back to my true self. 

Grounding Prayer:

Dear Universe,

I am grateful to be in my natural state of being where I feel centered and limitless. Thank you for bringing me clarity in all areas of my life so that I may align to the vibration of my most empowered self. As I surrender my resistance, miracles immediately flow into my experience. 

Financial Abundance:

Dear Universe,

Thank you for aligning me to the vibration of financial abundance. With each passing moment, I become a magnet for wealth. I surrender any blockages or old beliefs I may have about money, because I recognize that the universe is my provider. I am fully taken care of. There is plenty for everyone, and it is time for me to receive all that I desire or better.