18 More Qs for 2018 to Step into Your Own Power

  1. What excites you most?

  2. Reflect on a time when you felt like your most confident self?

  3. What was it about that time that made you feel confident?

  4. Who were you surrounded by at this time?

  5. What is one of your most magnet characteristics that draw people to you?

  6. What is another characteristic of yours that lures people in?

  7. What is something that you enjoy doing in your leisure time?

  8. Is there space this month to do this more frequently? If so, when and make a self date to do it!

  9. Speaking of self-dates, what is a date this month you can dedicate an entire day doing self care?

  10. What is something you’re in the midst of doing right now that you may define as successful? (It could be anything, from being a great dog owner to doing well in school or being a #girlboss).

  11. You’re scrolling through Instagram. You see someone who may trigger you to feel a sense of envy. What is something you can do to shift this mindset?

  12. What is something you can say to yourself to remind yourself how amazing you are?… and your amazingness is unparalleled!

  13. What is one thing you know you can accomplish within the next 6 months?

  14. What is something you want to accomplish, but you’re afraid to accomplish within the next 6 months?

  15. What is one baby step you can take this week to move toward that goal? (i.e. research, outline, call a friend in the industry for advice, read a book)

  16. Close your eyes and envision yourself achieving this goal. Take many moments. Many minutes. Time yourself if need be. Play music if it’s hard to tune in or listen to a guided meditation beforehand. Enjoy, then immediate come back to your journal. What did you just experience and how did it make you feel?

  17. Ask your soul, is this goal right for me? (Take a few moments with this one and write whatever comes up).

  18. Ask your soul, what can I do this month to align with better vibrations and my highest truth? (Take a few moments with this one and write whatever comes up).