11 ways to raise your vibrations


in this context would be defined as

a thought or feeling of energy that can be measured

why would you want to raise your vibes?

to simplify, the higher the vibration the more aligned you are with attractive positive experiences, the desires you seek, clarity of the mind, strongly intuitive, and connected to your soul. or, if something not-so-good happens, you tend to observe and respond with an open heart and mind, instead of react.

we go into depth about this on your own magic. (especially the science behind the law of attraction episode)

so what does it mean if your vibrations are low?

you’re probably feeling low, sad, frustrated, ashamed. you may be attractive more negative experiences, face more seemingly impossible challenges, feel further for your desire, opaque in the mind, blocked intuition, and disconnected from your soul. when something not-so-good happens, you tend to react by lashing out externally or in secret internally.

it’s not easy to go from low to high, and i don’t want you to force anything. so, if you’re low -- take a nap or meditate with the intention of waking up with a neutral state so you can begin to raise your vibes from there.

time to get high… here are 11 ways to raise your vibes

page of appreciation

with a paper or your journal before you, and a pen in your writing hand… fill the page with random things that come to mind that you’re truly grateful for. do not stop writing. do not worry about punctuation… in fact, ignore grammar with intention. free write. everything and everyone you’re grateful for that will fit on this page… and if you’re in flow, perhaps you’ll turn to page two.

make an “amazing” list

this is something to keep in your pocket (most likely in the notes of your phone). whenever something amazing happens to you, happens for you, write it. and everytime you’re feeling meh, read it.

slow down and focus on the little thing

have you ever found yourself doing nothing. staring at nothing. saying nothing. but just sipping your coffee or tea. or petting your pet. and just solely focusing on that one thing? notice that in that moment of time, you’re feeling good. or neutral. because all thoughts and chaos subsided. choose one thing and focus on it with intention. be present. my preference, coffee, petting a pet, watching the clouds, or making shapes in the sand.

move your human suit

always. does this need explaining? especially dancing. that free feeling you get while dancing is raising your vibration, as you allow all your monkey mind thoughts to leave your mind for the moment. unless you don’t like to dance, then maybe don’t dance. i’m sure you know the importance of working out and the effects it has not only on your body, but your mind as it release endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin.  so i won’t get into that, but i will tell you that those are the hormones that, when released, your vibrations are increased significantly.

eat a high vibe food + pay it gratitude

or drink green juice. you know high vibe foods, eh hem, plants from mama earth. nourishing your body with whole some, plant-based foods. also, when you send love and gratitude to the food you’re about to consume, you instantly raise it’s vibrations too, allowing it to optimally nourish your mind, body, and soul.

clean + cleanse your space

a space to breath. a cluttered space reflects a cluttered mind. a clutter space also instigates a cluttered mind. take it a step further and eliminate many of your unused belongings -- minimalist style. also, it’s so important to routinely clean your home for the health of your being as toxic mold develops quickly in many areas. indeed lowers the vibes. and of course, sage or palo santo your space. cleanse your space of all negative or lingering energies that are not your and are no longer serving you.

no low-vibe tv…

you can do this one day at a time, it’s not forever. just, if you need to raise your vibes today, perhaps say to yourself… “just for today, no low-vibe tv tonight” or “just for today, a comedy only tonight” i know. i know. it can be so tempting to watch the news, that new violent show, or watch housewives throw wine in each others faces. and boy, oh boy, does the mindless self love to feed off that for an escape. but that negativity does do wonders to our subconscious. especially if we watch it right before bed. which in turn has a great influence on our mood the next day.

hang with high vibe peeps

be aware of your toxic friends, family, acquaintances, and co workers. their low-vibes can be contagious. especially if they’re annoyed of your high vibe living. write a list of the peeps you know that seem to not only be doing well, but feeling well. like tony robbin says, you are the average of the 5 people you hang with most.

do something nice spontaneously for someone… nnnnow

just do it. whatever comes to mind. now… it will instantly raise that vibe. suggestions: “i love you” text, buy your friend coffee or juice and bring it to them, pay for the person in front of you in line, donate to orphaned elephants.


ever notice how much better you feel after a nap? have you experienced tragedy or felt distraught, took a nap and felt a different feeling? the simplest way to raise your vibes, even if you’re at a low state, is to take a nap. why? because all momentum that was influenced by the chaos of the day subsides -- as your brainwaves slowdown, neutralizing your feelings and emotions. when you wake, be mindful that those thoughts pre-nap do not sneak in and do your best to use the 2000 bits of information to focus on things that are bringing you joy -- even if it’s as simple as enjoying the comfort of your soft pillow, or how delicious that sip of coffee or tea is. there are many things to enjoy in the morning that will stop the cycle in the high beta state because you were closer to the delta state of extreme calm.


crazy, right? who saw this coming? ha. yea… theee way to raise your vibes and connect with your truest self, meditation. i highly recommend to meditate in whatever way you prefer at that time. if there is a meditation you don’t vibe with, well, you’ll probably not be feeling the vibes raise either. if you feel like being guided in a meditation, you know there are many at your fingertips for the soul tribe on this exclusive site. youtube is also a wonderful library. meditation is actually a more powerful way to do raise you vibes. more powerful than napping, because you are still awake. but i must emphasize, that if you are resistant to meditation at the moment and less resistant to taking a nap -- by all means, please take a nap -- always take the path of least resistance because resistance releases the neuropeptides that lower your vibration. so by all means take a nap, especially if that seems more difficult because you’re in a high beta state.