11 ways to raise your vibrations


in this context would be defined as

a thought or feeling of energy that can be measured

why would you want to raise your vibes?

to simplify, the higher the vibration the more aligned you are with attractive positive experiences, the desires you seek, clarity of the mind, strongly intuitive, and connected to your soul. or, if something not-so-good happens, you tend to observe and respond with an open heart and mind, instead of react.

we go into depth about this on your own magic. (especially the science behind the law of attraction episode)

so what does it mean if your vibrations are low?

you’re probably feeling low, sad, frustrated, ashamed. you may be attractive more negative experiences, face more seemingly impossible challenges, feel further for your desire, opaque in the mind, blocked intuition, and disconnected from your soul. when something not-so-good happens, you tend to react by lashing out externally or in secret internally.

it’s not easy to go from low to high, and i don’t want you to force anything. so, if you’re low -- take a nap or meditate with the intention of waking up with a neutral state so you can begin to raise your vibes from there.

time to get high… here are 11 ways to raise your vibes

page of appreciation

with a paper or your journal before you, and a pen in your writing hand… fill the page with random things that come to mind that you’re truly grateful for. do not stop writing. do not worry about punctuation… in fact, ignore grammar with intention. free write. everything and everyone you’re grateful for that will fit on this page… and if you’re in flow, perhaps you’ll turn to page two.

make an “amazing” list

this is something to keep in your pocket (most likely in the notes of your phone). whenever something amazing happens to you, happens for you, write it. and everytime you’re feeling meh, read it.

slow down and focus on the little thing

have you ever found yourself doing nothing. staring at nothing. saying nothing. but just sipping your coffee or tea. or petting your pet. and just solely focusing on that one thing? notice that in that moment of time, you’re feeling good. or neutral. because all thoughts and chaos subsided. choose one thing and focus on it with intention. be present. my preference, coffee, petting a pet, watching the clouds, or making shapes in the sand.

move your human suit

always. does this need explaining? especially dancing. that free feeling you get while dancing is raising your vibration, as you allow all your monkey mind thoughts to leave your mind for the moment. unless you don’t like to dance, then maybe don’t dance. i’m sure you know the importance of working out and the effects it has not only on your body, but your mind as it release endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin.  so i won’t get into that, but i will tell you that those are the hormones that, when released, your vibrations are increased significantly.

eat a high vibe food + pay it gratitude

or drink green juice. you know high vibe foods, eh hem, plants from mama earth. nourishing your body with whole some, plant-based foods. also, when you send love and gratitude to the food you’re about to consume, you instantly raise it’s vibrations too, allowing it to optimally nourish your mind, body, and soul.

clean + cleanse your space

a space to breath. a cluttered space reflects a cluttered mind. a clutter space also instigates a cluttered mind. take it a step further and eliminate many of your unused belongings -- minimalist style. also, it’s so important to routinely clean your home for the health of your being as toxic mold develops quickly in many areas. indeed lowers the vibes. and of course, sage or palo santo your space. cleanse your space of all negative or lingering energies that are not your and are no longer serving you.

no low-vibe tv…

you can do this one day at a time, it’s not forever. just, if you need to raise your vibes today, perhaps say to yourself… “just for today, no low-vibe tv tonight” or “just for today, a comedy only tonight” i know. i know. it can be so tempting to watch the news, that new violent show, or watch housewives throw wine in each others faces. and boy, oh boy, does the mindless self love to feed off that for an escape. but that negativity does do wonders to our subconscious. especially if we watch it right before bed. which in turn has a great influence on our mood the next day.

hang with high vibe peeps

be aware of your toxic friends, family, acquaintances, and co workers. their low-vibes can be contagious. especially if they’re annoyed of your high vibe living. write a list of the peeps you know that seem to not only be doing well, but feeling well. like tony robbin says, you are the average of the 5 people you hang with most.

do something nice spontaneously for someone… nnnnow

just do it. whatever comes to mind. now… it will instantly raise that vibe. suggestions: “i love you” text, buy your friend coffee or juice and bring it to them, pay for the person in front of you in line, donate to orphaned elephants.


ever notice how much better you feel after a nap? have you experienced tragedy or felt distraught, took a nap and felt a different feeling? the simplest way to raise your vibes, even if you’re at a low state, is to take a nap. why? because all momentum that was influenced by the chaos of the day subsides -- as your brainwaves slowdown, neutralizing your feelings and emotions. when you wake, be mindful that those thoughts pre-nap do not sneak in and do your best to use the 2000 bits of information to focus on things that are bringing you joy -- even if it’s as simple as enjoying the comfort of your soft pillow, or how delicious that sip of coffee or tea is. there are many things to enjoy in the morning that will stop the cycle in the high beta state because you were closer to the delta state of extreme calm.


crazy, right? who saw this coming? ha. yea… theee way to raise your vibes and connect with your truest self, meditation. i highly recommend to meditate in whatever way you prefer at that time. if there is a meditation you don’t vibe with, well, you’ll probably not be feeling the vibes raise either. if you feel like being guided in a meditation, you know there are many at your fingertips for the soul tribe on this exclusive site. youtube is also a wonderful library. meditation is actually a more powerful way to do raise you vibes. more powerful than napping, because you are still awake. but i must emphasize, that if you are resistant to meditation at the moment and less resistant to taking a nap -- by all means, please take a nap -- always take the path of least resistance because resistance releases the neuropeptides that lower your vibration. so by all means take a nap, especially if that seems more difficult because you’re in a high beta state.

the wall of addiction

this is something i wrote a long while ago and i wanted to present to you... here... first... 

for the soul who feels they've hit a wall battling the curse of addition.

the soul who cannot see the doors or windows to escape her barrier

the soul who relapsed after years of sobriety from alcohol, drugs, food, or any form of self-sabotage

the soul who is destined to find her way...

i've been there before too... so dearest one, this is for you...




i promised,

it's my last sip

my last bite,

my last hit of what no longer feels right.

oh, the wild ride and troubled mind, given the gene of the addictive-kind.

today, new challenges present their masks. and i get to implement all the tools i’ve picked and preached in the past.  as if the universe is gifting me this opportunity to re-live a message i intend to understand… eh hem, since i asked.

i’m not alone in the hands of sadness. i’m not alone, even in the shade of isolation.

for the ironic thing is the lie i believe that i’m the only one who can guide me to salvation.

to be with yourself, your own self, except, perhaps a “hello” on occasion.

to be with your own self ninety-eight percent of your days… for months… brings many suppressed wounds and shadows to surface, and scarier yet, the new delusional mental rehearses.

delusions of illusions of unworthiness.



and the most unfriendliest lies for the psyche. 

illusions of new untouched demons to face. new inner treasons to erase. with a space in my heart frozen to ice.

and the problem, embarrassingly, is not the illusion, for of course, she’s unreal. the problem is listening to her. believing her. acting upon her whispers. even when we know better. even when she knows better. when i know better.

i doubted myself. i distanced myself. i caved. i starved. i fed. and i bled a little inside every day.

with a shell that smiles. but a soul who feels astray. 

i don’t know how this was triggered. 

but that’s the curse of this wall of addiction. 

it’s spell may dwell after we sober. we sober. we cleanse. we forgive our sins… and then… we’re triggered… she appears like a wizard.

and guides us to follow the unpaved path of short-term renew. the shortcut to a destination known as “feel good” for a moment or two. this shortcut will lead you to release the rest of your day, for a moment or two. to forget the scenic path you were prancing on, for a moment or two. 

because her easy shortcut, unpaved and free, allows us to escape our twenty-something troubles for a moment or three.

but all i know is… i’ll be okay. i have the tools to find my way. never doubt this inner compass, to take a long way. whether i have to knock down great walls of bricks, i trust the stronger way will lead me to a destination known as “bliss”,

so i can serve my purpose for longer than a moment or three. 

and instead i’ll spend this moment in stillness. to breath and remember the core of me. and another moment to step outside of my shell, look down at her with the eye of a bird to observe… this… isn’t… me.

and you see… i see i am more powerful than “her” most somber low could ever be. more light than “her” darkest show will ever see.

so here she is. here i am. miss rehabilitating queen.

forgiving their cast, forgetting her past, and ready to again be seen. 

finding balance

one minute you're high

the next, in the depths of the waters buried under the surface below

hi human,

nice to meet you 

it's part of being a physical being, as you know

our human reality is full of polarities

the happy days

the sad days

the highs

the lows

so every day, no matter which edge of the spectrum we touch, we try to search for ways to feel a little less disconnected 

and a little more in tune

to find

this desirable concept of balance

in yoga class, balance is highlighted by our teacher as we hold our weight on one leg for minutes at a time so we can mentally stay steady in the challenge our physical body is experiencing.

in society, balance is glamorized by our friends, family, co-workers, teachers, and others wearing different lenses of perception who hold exceptions and share stories about us -- which often confuses or overwhelms us with the contrast in their noise.

in relationships, we want to feed our friends, family, partners, hobbies, and work with all our love and undivided attention, but in reality, everyone only has enough time and energy to receive a piece.

to give a piece.

so how do we create equilibrium between all dichotomies? 

no one should be expected to hold their standards that high. 

no one should be expected to find impeccable balance in all areas of their lives.

and especially, no one should expect that of themselves

because that's what creates disharmony

trickling to create feelings, such as guilt, shame, sadness, isolation, and unease.

so... how do we find balance that won't make us reach for perfect? 

if balance is defined as "having an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady."

than, perhaps,

it's not about balancing our time and attention on everyone and everything


being able to force ourselves to remain in one position when things become too challenging or uncomfortable.


we find the most balance when we bring the fluctuations of our emotions under conscious control and have compassion for ourselves if we can't meet it all perfectly. 

balance is finding an even-mindedness and ease when we're faced with any polarity. 

when you're experiencing overwhelming emotions

or you don't know how to equalize the scale within your relationships

or within yourself

these simple tools may help...

here are some ways to help you find balance with whatever life hands you:

  • stepping outside of yourself in this situation. look from a bird's eye view. detaching from the emotions. as if you're the audience member of a movie. or you're the friend helping a friend (aka yourself). what do you see in the big picture? what advice would you give?
  • if you're feeling something is too extreme for you... perhaps, it is. scale back a bit. if a diet isn't suiting you, then perhaps, only eat one or two meals of that food a day. or if you're spending too much time with your work and not enough with relationships... it's okay to allow yourself one day of rest and play. (even if that means you need to fake sick -- yes... this is for your soul which matters more than any matter of business).
  • practice non-reactivity, by taking many deep breaths -- which naturally shifts your perceptive as you come back to the present moment with a clearer mind
  • and above all... be compassionate with yourself, because there is not one superhuman who can handle it all. 
  • connect with a human that gets you, yet can see from unbias perceptive. even if their advice isn't accurate, it's just nice to be heard and to release the disharmony inside. 



"i'm aware i have the ability to do anything... but not everything"

"life is a balance of holding on and letting go"




smudging mantras

smudging prayers


how on goddess green earth did the native americans discover the wondrous power of lighting sage? 

i use their art of a simple smudge when i sense negative energies around me.

smudging: to purify a space, object or person by burning sacred herbs, like sage, alfalfa, and palo santo.

native americans smudged to call on the spirits who will drive away the low vibrations and stuck energies in their presence.

so, whether you sense these "negative energies" or not -- you will feel refreshed as smudging re-aligns your space and your being in a state of harmonious balance. and it feels gooooood.

it feels nice to pray in case you are experiencing blocks or feelings of unease, and smudging is just an extra tool who's scent will release negative ions to improve your mood -- aka opening up inner peace and creativity!

and our ancestors believed that if we allow our herbs to burn, we may be able to connect with our lineage as smell triggers memory. so who knows what may unfold. 

here are prayers you may recite after you blow the flame and you wave your smudge stick that glows red with the rising smoke:

a native american prayer

creator, great mystery
source of all knowing and comfort, 
cleanse this space of all negativity.
open our pathways to peace and understanding
love and light fills each of us and our sacred space
our work here shall be beautiful and meaningful
banish all energies that would mean us harm
our eternal gratitude
- the medicine wheel garden, e. barrie kavasch

universal modern prayer

may the energy around me clear
only with the vibrations of my own
may all negative energies be released
as i remain here in this space in peace. 

my go-to prayer

(though I adlib it every time... it usually goes something like this)

dear angels and divine light, 
please remove all energies that do not serve me
i call forth the consciousness of (sage/palo santo/herb)
to work with my team and fully cleanse all negativity and heavy density around me
anything that does not align with my highest being.
thank you for cleaning my energy to raise my vibration
opening up my mind to your creative vision
and align with my soul's mission on this day, according to your divine will.
thank you for clearing this space and helping me stay connected with you.
thank you. thank you. amen.


create a prayer for yourself that speaks to you!

just don't forget to thank your angels, the Universe, God, divine guidance or whoever you're calling in to clear your space. 






surrender prayer

this is for the yomie, feeling completely hopeless about something.

experiencing sadness and suffering. in need of surrendering. 

because at this point, the only thing that may bring you a glimpse of hope --

is that feeling after you surrende. allowing the universe to work it's magic for you.

cut, edit and tailor the prayer as you please

dear one,

innate intelligence, 

universe within me,

help me love my faults

my flaws

my doubts

my worries

my insecurities

my anxieties

my judgements

my suffering

on this particular situation

as i hand it to you. 

i'm open for you to allow the doors

of opportunity to heal this situation

to present themselves

to open themselves. 

as i take my hands off

and hand it to you

i trust

you have the greater way of resolving this

better than i can imagine at this time. 

so please, 

arrange all those involved,

in this piece

in this situation

so that doors open for them

so that doors open for me. 

dear one,

innate intelligence, 

universe within me,

i release my suffering to you.

i open the window

for you to intervene

your divine guidance

and arrangements

for a brighter day

and i thank you

for opening the doors at this time

that are just perfect for me. 





crystals for your inner cleopatra

 source:  energy muse

source: energy muse

Turquoise: This vibrant blue-ish green-ish crystal has been one of the greatest healers for centuries. For the ancient Egyptian inside you, this legendary stone was a protector of King Tut and Cleopatra. Or to feed the Native American you may have been in a past life, she was a healing tool and a sacred stone that linked a connection between heaven and Earth. She is a personal protector, a healer, a spiritual beauty, a good-luck charm for many ancient and modern cultures. Hold her in the palm of your hand or place her on your third eye while you meditate and all her energetic vibrations to gift you with a strong shield and the highest vibration of love, luck, and healing. 


Emerald:  Breath in positivity and love. Breath out negativity and whatever doesn't serve you with the power of the stone of May. Emerald's green rays emit successful and abundant love. Her power holds the desire to give love to not only others but also to your own self. Plus, don't be surprised if her energy brings people into your electromagnetic energy field who want to give you more love, as well. Allow her spiritual vibration to remind you to welcome more positive people and experiences while simultaneously letting go of negative people and experiences. 

 Source:  Energy Muse

Source: Energy Muse

mantras for anxiety : english + sanskrit

A chant for the remover of obstacles…

eh hem, Ganesha:

Position yourself into a comfortable easy seat with your legs crossed.

Spine tall (even against a wall).

Place both hands over your heart. 

Visualize the image of Ganesha at your third eye.


Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha

Translation: salutations to the remover of obstacles -- (aka Ganesha).

Chant this mantra allowing your mind and body to release any anxiety or stress and fall into a state of pure zen and contentment. 

Repeat in your mind, out loud, or listen to Deva Prema chant this 108 times. 

Sanskrit mantra for anxiety

After you rise with the sun


sit up

and repeat the following Sanskrit mantra first thing in the morning to release or prevent anxiety from arising during the day

Om Ram Ramaya Namaha

This mantra manifests positive thoughts and feelings. 

And releases negative energies that keep our vibrations low. 

Feeling anxious about an event coming in the near future? Repeat this to conquer it!

English Mantra for Anxiety

When the event that brings you anxiety or stress occurs, 


This is only a paper tiger

Paper tiger: someone who at first glance seems to be in charge but who, on closer examination, is completely powerless. (vocabulary.com)

A reminder that that thought is not you, not a part of you, has nothing to do with you. It is a distraction to lower your vibration. But it has nothing to do with you unless you create the story that it does. You are the ultimate writer of your story. Is that thought that is bringing a sense of dissatisfaction, anxiety, unease, unworthiness really worth it? Paper tigers aren't as quick as you, just so you know.


personal power crystals



aka "The Success Stone", Citrine is the powerhouse go-to stone to help us radiate our inner power, and help us align with the vibration of our soul's definition of prosperity.  The warm stone makes room for manifesting abundance of all our desires into our lives. She welcomes a wide range of possibilities and new opportunities for us to pursue. Carry citrine around in your pocket, and you may have trouble deciding which new potential endeavors to dive into.

We also call this stone, the happy stone, because she emanates a warm and sunny glow that lightens our spirits. Citrine is also a healer and care-taker of interpersonal relationships, so we can maintain our own levels of love and not absorb any toxic opinions around us. Allow her vibrations to bring you heaps of health, happiness, intelligence, confidence, financial stability and healing wisdom. 



Carnelian is a power stone! The energy of the carnelian helps us tap in to our soul's unique creativity and inner confidence. This stone helps us feel the depth of our true expression and lends a hand of courage for us to step into our personal power. The charm of this warm, vibrant reddish stone is a must-have for anyone who may need that extra vibration of encouragement in their field.

This gem is for the entertainers. The writers. The actors. The singers. The comedians. The poets. Or for anyone stepping into a powerful position. The boss. The leader. The date. The photoshoot. Test day. 

Carnelian well easy any anxiety, fear or worry about situation or circumstance you're entering into. This stone will bring a vibration of luck as you confidently walk into any room in which you want to bring our your most empowered self. Have a job interview coming up? An audition? A date? A party with many people you want to connect with? Or a date with you, your journal, and pen? Stick Carnelian in your pocket, then. She'll ease you in. 


mantras for inner power + intention

Inner Power

Place both hands just above your navel. 

Visualize a yellow beaming inside this space. 


I don't need anyone's approval

but my own. 

I take my power back with love.

I take my power back with gratitude. 

For these lessons taught me, 

that all I need

all anyone needs

is for me... to be...


Live with Intention 

After you wake up



and go to write in your journal...

(fill in the blank)

To get one step closer to achieve my big dream to _____________________

today, I intend to ___________________ as one baby step closer to living this way.

And to align with this future.

I am ready to have a better day today,

to be 1% better than I was yesterday, 

today I intend to feel __________

and treat others with ____________.

repeat what you wrote out loud to yourself. 

Bring Light to Darkness

Light a candle or incense. If you have a crystal that speaks to you at this time, hold it close.  

Place both hands on your heart. Ask.

Please help me pave the way, to bring light and clarity to bring more peace and love to ____ (whatever comes to mind/your situation).

Thank you for helping me pave the way to bring light to all who are involved, including myself.

Guiding me to a place of peace and love for myself in this situation. 

hello, intuition

You knew it.

You knew that they were not telling the full truth.

You knew you shouldn’t have gone for him/her.

You knew your grandma was hiding the cookies.


You wanted to trust them.

So you ignored what you knew.

Your wise intuition is not just a nudge you feel or that uneasy feeling in your gut. Your intuition is the sixth sense that guides you in the right direction. She is your best and most honest non-physical friend that gifts us many signs to follow the right path. (Side note: gentlemen… feel free to replace all she's + hers with he's + his).


And if you listen carefully, you may save yourself a lot of grief and uncertainty.

What are you ignoring right now or who are you giving the benefit of the doubt to?

We all have our own unique way of tapping and tuning in to listen to that voice.

Some may get that strong feeling in their gut on most occasions. Others may experience her voice more strongly in their heart. Some may get ideas. Some may hear the voice in music. Some may feel strong gusts of winds. Or goosebumps -- eh hem, “truth-bumps”.

And the more often you listen, the louder she becomes. And the other voice… that silly ego of yours…




And becomes a bit more distant.


You may think she’s a little offended you listened to the other voice.

But she’ll never be offended. Even when you can’t hear her, she will always whisper helpful notes... even as the other voice is screaming. 

And yes, there are some conscious beings that have her dialed in at most every moment. But were they born this way? Most likely not. They were likely heavily influenced by the noise of society too... stirring feelings of guilt, shame, jealousy, sadness, depression and any other toxic feeling brewing inside. However, they had to train themselves to shift their mindsets to tune in to what their really feeling with a conscious detox to get rid of all negative energies that no longer serve them. 


Here are five lessons we’ve learned from Masters along our exploration to connect and listen to our intuition... especially in times when we need her most. 




Walk in nature.

Touch the leaves on the trees.

Smell the flowers.

Observe the flowers. 

Listen to the birds.

Observe the birds. 

Mindfully sip your coffee or tea.


If you can’t hear her when you’re seeking an answer… if your mind is too noisy and crowded… you just need some space. A breath of fresh mental air.

Slow down.

Give yourself permission to calm your hyper mind for a few moments. Get still. Give yourself permission to be still.

Imagine all the noise floating out of your head... out of the room... tell it you’ll get back to it later, because this is a time for you.


And allow yourself a moment to just be.

Maybe… you’ll hear her.



Never. Ever. As best you can...

Go to bed angry or in negative spirits.

It may be easier to listen and feel your intuition when your emotions are light. When your body feels lighter.

Anger, despair, jealousy, guilt, regret, shame or any emotions that do not make you feel good, are weighted feelings. These burdens may increase in weight as you sleep. Even if you “slept on it” and feel fine as you rise. You only slept with it.

Allowing these feelings to stir, creating more negative thoughts in your subconscious... Creating a shadow that will come to the surface further down the road. A shadow that covers the voice and light of your intuition.

Talk them out with a friend.

Write all that negative energy in your journey.

Think of things you are looking forward to in the near future. 

Say out loud what you are TRULY grateful for. 

Place your energy elsewhere so it doesn’t build a bed in your mind as you sleep.



Becoming in tune with your body’s relationship with food. She’ll be louder the more in tune you are with -- not only your mind -- but your body too.

Learn to know what foods make you feel good.

There are so many tools that are used to discover what foods work best for your body -- depending on our personality.

Food Journaling. If this means you need to start food journaling to bring awareness to your body’s reactions 30-60 minutes after a meal so you can avoid another bloating, fatigued or moody episode… then you’ll learn, maybe that type of nut butter doesn’t make you feel good after all. It will take time. I mean… who wants to eat the same food every day? So you’ll discover so much about your body’s relationship with food. And it will change over time. But food journaling is a good start, and it becomes a successful daily practice for some people. We’ve noticed the majority of those people end up becoming the most in tune with what works for their body... and what does not. Journaling is one of the most powerful and approachable tools to connect with the guidance of your body and your intuition.


Practice Mindful Eating. If this is not a concept you’re familiar with, it may be the most simple practice for you to start with. Simply, choose just one meal a day -- breakfast, lunch, or dinner -- where you choose to purposefully bring awareness of each bite of each meal without distractions. No TV. No books. Maybe… no humans.

Just you.

Your meal.

Savoring each and every bite.

Chew slowly.

Notice the taste and consistency.

Notice how much you enjoy (or don’t enjoy) this meal.

As you mindfully chew eat the bite, listen to your body. Listen to the guidance within during and after your meal. If you didn’t feel your best, you’ll instinctively know not to reach for that meal again.  


This is important.

Very important.

Believe she is always there. This will never fail you. But truly…


We really can’t provide steps to make this happen. With all the practice of tuning in and listening… one day.. you will.



This is may be the most important.

Very important.


You may hear of feel an answer your ego may not agree with. But you KNOW it’s right.

Don’t suppress it. Ask it. Ask if that is your ego talking or YOU. If she gives you the answer again, and you feel that that is right -- even if it’s not what you want. Take action under her guidance.

If it’s hard to listen, you may need to clear thought space by circling back to the first lesson above, but listen.

She’s ready to be heard more frequently. Don’t dismiss the truth-bumps or any other feeling you’ll receive after reading this. She may even be giving you some sort of sensation now… listen.


Feel free to ask any questions below.

personal power mantras

Personal Power

Gaze into your eyes in the mirror with your fiercest queen (or king) energy. No shame... how can anyone else see her if you can't. Find her. See her. Expose her. Try at least twice this week.

I am confident

I am courageous

I am a goddess (or god)

I am a queen (or king)

I have the ability to achieve my goals

I am aligned with my dreams

I am confident

I am courageous

I am a goddess (or god)

I am a queen (or king)

Release Anxiety

I bring my awareness to all emotions that arise within me. 

Why am I feeling this way?

Draw your awareness to your gut and listen.







Draw your awareness back to your gut and listen.

When you're ready, continue to repeat the following...

I am aware of my anxiety

This feeling is not me

It's an old story

I deserve to feel calm and at peace. 

I release myself from this moment of anxiety. 

I am calm.

I am at peace.

Attract Prosperity

Clarify for desire by writing it in one sentence. (If there are multiple things, make a list) 

Know that if you can dream it, you can achieve it. Because the mind would not be able to conceive it if it's not something that your soul has the ability to endeavor. 

I am the creator of my universe

I am the writer of the story 

I am the painter of my canvas

Knowing this with full faith, I know I can achieve this...

State out loud your sentence or your list... FEEL like it's already yours. Know it's there. 

Tap in to Your Intuition

Place one Hand on Your Heart

One hand on your belly







Ask yourself

"What do I need to know about this situation right now? Guide me, tell me, what do I need to do"


energy cleanse for your home


We soak up tried and true ancient rituals. Even what may seem "woo-woo" to most modern day beings, we see it as a beautiful ancestral wisdom we choose to honor and carry on. Dried white sage has been used for thousands of years, particular by Native Americans, to clear old, unwanted energies and dark forces that a space may be harboring. Almost every night or after new visitors leave, we mindfully sage our whole home saying out loud, "what's mine is mine, what's yours is yours, please release all energies that no longer serve my highest good in this space." 


Salt is an absorber of negative energies that can be used to cleanse your home. Sprinkle salt in the corners of every room and sweep it up every few weeks. We like to use thick Himalayan sea salts -- (because they are more aesthetically pleasing for our space). 


The powerful aromas of candles and incense will lift your spirit immediately, releasing negative energy that may be attached to you. We highly recommend jasmine or nag champa. It's extra powerful to light them around the new moon. We have them placed in selected areas around our home. However, some people prefer to dedicate a altar of high vibes where they may chant mantras and positive affirmations to ignite the space. 


Bathe crystals in the sun for a few hours or soak them in salt water overnight to clear their energies. Place them around the house in different areas, allowing their vibrations to sweep away whatever is not serving you... what energy is not yours. Plus... crystals are gorgeous. 


This, we have yet to try... and it may seem too "woo-woo" for some of you. But many cultures shake out pots and pans -- or play them like instruments with a wooden spoon or hands -- to scare away any negative energies that do not belong in their space. Try it and see if your space feels lighter. (Also, let us know how it goes... we're intrigued). 



prayers of service

Prayer of service:

Dear Universe,

Thank you for aligning me with my soul’s purpose and guiding me to live from love in each moment. As the new year reigns in, please show me the path you would have me take. Show me the way in which I can be of service to you and have the maximum impact of love and healing on the world.

Forgiveness Prayer:

Dear universe,

Thank you for healing my mind of any thoughts, beliefs, and energies that are no longer serving me. Please lift my thought process up to yours so I may see through the eyes of unconditional love. Help me to forgive and let go of anything I may be holding in my heart so I can be released back to my true self. 

Grounding Prayer:

Dear Universe,

I am grateful to be in my natural state of being where I feel centered and limitless. Thank you for bringing me clarity in all areas of my life so that I may align to the vibration of my most empowered self. As I surrender my resistance, miracles immediately flow into my experience. 

Financial Abundance:

Dear Universe,

Thank you for aligning me to the vibration of financial abundance. With each passing moment, I become a magnet for wealth. I surrender any blockages or old beliefs I may have about money, because I recognize that the universe is my provider. I am fully taken care of. There is plenty for everyone, and it is time for me to receive all that I desire or better. 


meditative imaginings

manifest ritual

The universe loves to be generous.

It’s a time to be honest and limitless in writing what you want to manifest!

Don’t hold back.

No one is going to listen. This is sacred for your eyes and ears ONLY.

Make sure to write this script in present tense (“I am”) and express everything with enthusiasm and joy.

There are 10 different areas of life to focus on. Choose all areas or select the ones that resonate with you the most. What do you want to manifest in regards to your…

  • Spirituality

  • Growth & Learning

  • Career

  • Finances

  • Physical Well-being

  • Emotional Well-being

  • Love Life

  • Relationships

  • Community

  • Living Environment

Thank you, Universe (Angels/God/YOUR name), for bringing me a sense of peace and joy throughout this new year. Thank you aligning me with all that I desire, along with my soul’s purpose and other blessings that are beyond my imagination. And doing so in divine timing throughout the new year.
I am listening.
I am open.
I am connected.
I am grateful.
I am love.
Love always,
(Your Name)

mantras for grounding + self-love

begin your day - sunrise affirmations

visualize yourself in surrounding in a bubble of your and say these affirmations in your mind or out loud

Today, I breathe in love

and breathe out fear

Today, I breathe in my own light

and breathe out all dark and negative energies

Today, I breathe in a fresh start

and breathe out whatever happened yesterday

 Today, I surround myself in a bubble of my own positive energy

This energy grounds me

protect me

loves me

and makes me approach all situations today as my highest self



most effective technique: mirror work. gaze into your eyes in the mirror. 

I chose me

I love and accept myself

I am honored to be in this body, hold this heart and have this soul

I am aware that I am the only person who truly knows how this heart feels, and I love and honor the person I decided to be. 

I love and accept myself

I am beautiful

I am strong

I am radiant

I am worthy

I am enough

I am grateful to be a kind soul

I am grateful to be a seeking and wise soul

I love myself unconditionally 

I am grateful to be living and loved on this earth

I am love

I love and accept myself

I chose me



In this moment, I am grounded. 

I am strong in my center.

I fully embody and claim my power.

In this moment, I am grounded.

I come from the earth and connect with its energy.

My body works in harmony with nature.

In this moment, I am grounded. 



All of the tools I need to create my reality are inside of me.

I am responsible for each moment, for I create each moment. 

I know that each moment is for the highest good of my learning.

I embrace this moment. I am a fully empowered being. 

Nothing is missing. I am whole as I am right now. 

The tides of destiny have turned, and all is coming my way.

All of the tools I need to create my reality are inside of me.

I am love itself. I am guided by the universe. 


money affirmations

I am aligned to the vibration of financial abundance.

I effortlessly attract ___ amount or more into my experience.

I am a magnet for prosperity.

I surrender any old beliefs or blockages I may have had about money.

I am in the receptive mode and can feel the abundance already manifesting into my experience.

align with your higher sense of self

Begin this by writing an intention, a desire, that you want to manifest for the new year:

This is a new year. This is a new day. This is a new me.

This year, this day, I am a magnet for all that I desire.

This year, this day, I am in the receptive mode of everything I desire.

This year, this day, everything will respond differently to me than it has before.

This year, this day, contrast will still exist, and from it, I will find more things to be grateful for.

This year, this day, I embrace the contrast, because I understand it, and know it is part of my path to help me move towards what I desire.

May this year, may this day, be the year that I align with my desire.

Nothing is missing. I am whole as I am right now. 

The tides of destiny have turned, and all is coming my way.

All of the tools I need to create my reality are inside of me.

I love itself. I am guided by the universe.


end your day - sunset affirmations

Visualize yourself in surrounding in a bubble of your and say these affirmations in your mind or out loud

I release all energies that are not mine

I let the events of today go

I forgive others for any harm that they may have caused me

and I forgive myself for any negative thoughts, harm or pressure I placed upon myself

I keep the lessons learned as jewels that I will carry with me for a new day

May I sleep well 

May I dream well

May I rise happy and free

Good night

Inspired by Abraham Hicks and Louise Hay

grounding crystals




This is a gemstone that works for anyone and everyone. It is energy cleansing, and extremely grounding. I’ll often lay on the floor in Savasana and rest my selenite block on my stomach. After a few minutes of breathing, I feel the tension release and like my digestive system is flowing properly. It is very helpful for those of you who have trouble sleeping to put selenite on your chest and feel the calming energy as you relax deeply.



This gemstone absorbs negative energies very quickly. It is very calming and energetically balancing. I will often wear fluorite if I am in a busy city, or have a conflict with someone. It is also a good stone to have in your car or any areas with high radiation. Since this stone works as an energetic sponge, it should be cleansed often.


energy cleansing rituals

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 12.44.41 PM.png


When you’re in the shower, feel the warm waterfall onto your body. Imagine that each water drop is golden light, washing away any energies that no longer belong to you. Anything negative vibrations flow into the drain as you call in more light.

sage smudging

This is an extremely powerful practice to do before bed,  or after you have been surrounded by a large group of people. Light the sage and stand with your eyes closed for a moment. Take 3 deep breaths, observing your energy. Move the sage around your entire field and imagine a waterfall of light pouring through you. This light surrounds you and envelops you in a loving energy. All energies of the day are cleared as they melt back into the earth. Draw a circle of light around you and say the affirmation, "circle of light please come about. Keep the loving energy in and the energy that does not serve me out." 


Set up a simple bath with Himalayan salts. Salts are very purifying and cleansing. Bring in your favorite candles, essential oils, and relaxing music. Before you step into the tub, visualize that the water is filled with so much healing love. Set your intention before stepping in. This is your sacred time that you so deserve to care for yourself.


Every night before bed, imagine all of the energies that you encountered that day. Every person, environment, or situation you dealt with. Visualize putting all of these people and energies into a bubble of pure light. Surround them with so much love. Now step out of the bubble, and say “what’s mine is mine, what’s yours is yours. Thank you for disconnecting me from all energies that do not belong to me and are no longer serving me. Return them with love to their original source.” Imagine the bubble rolling away from you. The only energy you will carry to sleep is yours