Our Supermoon Manifestation (You Should Use Next Full Moon Too!)


Prepare your soul for tonight’s full SUPER moon in Gemini. Allow her to beam on your skin as she soaks up all that you hope to manifest. And ask her for guidance to align you with your greatest potential and truth.

NOTE: if you are reading this AFTER the supermoon… we encourage you to practice the same rituals on the upcoming full moon on January 1st, 2018... which will clearly be intense!

If you believe you’re highly sensitive to the vibrational rays of the moon, then uh oh… look out!… get ready for a transformational shift soon to come that will push you closer to what you desire.

There are many rituals that manifest-seekers perform in action on the night of a supermoon,

such as...

clearing and cleansing rituals with crystals and incense

chanting and mantra rituals by speaking a word or phrase into being

celebration rituals to dance and act out what you want to manifest as if you’ve already manifested it.

clarification rituals to write and speak your manifestations with a feeling of gratitude as if they’ve already come to fruition.

Allie, Alex and I plan to mix a little of all of it… we hope you join us! Read below




Cleanse our energies. How?

One person is standing in mountain pose with their eyes closed. 

Visualizing a waterfall streaming from the crown of their head all the way down and out through the tips of the toes… the point where the river flows all the energies that are no longer serving them away.

The other friend is waving the smoke from a sage stick (if available) around the standing body to clear all the negative energies away.

(If you’re alone, you can sage yourself before the waterfall visualization).



Grab a pen and your personal journal or a paper and begin to write with a feeling of limitless potential.

Write everything that has been in your heart for quite some time and
invite all new possibilities that may suddenly come to mind.
Maybe you prefer to write a story about your future in present tense.
Or maybe you prefer to bullet point what you desire in different life categories, such as health, wealth, career, relationships, emotions and purpose.

Wrap up your manifestations asking for guidance and signs that will lead you to live your full potential.

“May all of this or better happen in divine timing. Please guide me in the right direction and align me with the right frequency that will bring these manifestations into existence”



Share your dreams with whoever you’re celebrating the supermoon with. If you’re alone, we encourage you to read it out loud to yourself as you visualize everything you wrote.



Dance underneath the moonlight to celebrate and welcome all your dreams come to fruition.

Allow her to beam on your skin as she soaks up all that you hope to manifest. And ask her for the guidance to align you with our greatest potential and truth.

Side note: Tonight’s full SUPER moon in Gemini is a universal rarity. Aside from last year’s supermoon in November, tonight’s will be the closest the moon has been to the earth since 1948. And it may not be as close to the earth again until 2034!



Feel free to share some of your desires below. Who knows… maybe your vulnerability will help you manifest.