Easy Plant-Based 'Mac + Cheese' Recipe For Your Own Inner Child


We turned to 2018’s blank page with the intention of painting a more colorful and playful chapter -- a little less seriousness and a lot of childlike happiness.

Because… well… why not live this human experience doing -- and eating -- what we know has (and always will TRULY) nourish our soul?

There are many ways to rediscover our bona fide inner joy.

It may be taking a beat to embrace to embrace the cloudy cotton candy sky.

Gazing up at the tips of the trees that surround you.

Feeling the ground kiss your bare feet on the muddy trail.

Digging your toesies in the sand.

Feeling the waves brush up against your ankles.

Petting your pet -- who’s lying on her back with a smile.

The comfort of re-reading or re-watching a classic tale.

Laughing and playing with your old friends… and new.

Enjoying every single bite your favorite comfort food -- without guilt.

Just simply reliving what brought you the purest, most honest, and sincere joy as a child.

Think about it… what are just a few things that brought you TRUE joy as a child?

When was the last time you allowed yourself to channel your inner child to celebrate that blissful smile -- de-attaching yourself from any guilt or worry?

When was the last time you gave yourself permission to eat the foods 8-year-old you enjoyed most? That crustless PB&J? Crunchy fruity cereal? A stack of pancakes? Or a bowl of Mac n Cheese?

When was the last time you ate this food without Miss guilty voice whispering in your mind, “you shouldn’t be eating that”....when?

No, we haven’t lost our wellness minds. We’re on the same page as you… painting our 2018 feeling and looking our best. But in order for us to feel our best, we must release all resistance to all the noise and shame around the foods we love most. We must give ourselves permission to nourish our body with what our inner child is asking to eat.

So lately Allie and I have been on a Mac N Cheese kick -- tailoring the traditional recipes to my plant-based lifestyle.

Side note 1: I also like to channel my inner lazy child who made by-the-box mac n cheese -- by making a super easy 10-minute recipe.

Side note 2: we’re also a daily almond butter and jelly sandwich kick -- spreading the AB&J on Ezekiel bread.
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Serves 3-4


1 box of your choice macaroni

(Lentil pasta is our favorite. LOVE these red lentil spirals.)

⅔ Cup vegan creamy cashew butternut squash soup

¼ Cup nutritional yeast (sprinkle more if desired)

3 Tbsp abodo seasoning (a MUST… soul good)

Top it off with chickpea crumbs (optional)

And Herbs + Spices



  1. Follow directions on box for your choice macaroni (if there are no directions -- usually bring water to a boil, pour in pasta, stir and cook until pasta is soft then drain).

  2. Add cooked pasta to a medium-size bowl. Pour in the butternut squash soup and stir.

  3. Add in nutritional yeast and abodo seasoning and stir till “cheesy” -- you may choose to add more.

  4. Top it off with chickpea crumbs and herbs and spices.


Enjoy! And buy more healthy foods for your own inner child at thrivemarket.com/yourownmagic