Become the Arrow, the New Moon in Sagittarius


by Jill Wintersteen of Spirit Daughter

Why the New Moon

Once again the Moon is making her way back to New when she will meet the Sun in the stars

of Sagittarius. Each New Moon gives us an opportunity to create a new version of ourselves, a

new consciousness and a new perspective. It is a time to create powerful intentions and call in

energies which will support the full expression of our life’s journey.


The Moon governs our emotional body, our intuitive side, and our feminine nature. Her subtle,

but powerful pull is flavored by the sign where she is positioned. The Moon moves through

each zodiac sign every 2.5 days, taking on the qualities of that sign and bringing those

energies from our subconscious to the surface. Once they are at the forefront of our mind, we

can work with them and bring balance to them.


The Optimistic Archer

This cycle, the New Moon is enriched by the energy of Sagittarius. A fire sign, Sagittarius’s

energy is expansive. She is known as the wanderer of the zodiac, always in search of truth and

knowledge. She desires to live life to the fullest, experiencing all there is in the world. As

Sagittarius moves through different life journeys, she does not judge, she just accepts the

knowledge for what it is and integrates it with her current worldview.


Many think of Sagittarius as the archer, symbolized by the bow and arrow, but she is actually

the arrow. Catapulting through the sky, unaware of where she may land, open to any and all

possibilities. She is fearless in her pursuit of expansion. She asks the deeper life questions and

allows the winds of change to take her to far off lands where she may have a brush with

serendipity, providing the answers she seeks.


As Sagittarius travels both physically and mentally, she always remains optimistic. Even when

the road gets rocky, she remains faithful to her deep conviction that everything will turn out ok

and as it’s meant to be. This lesson is the first we can learn from her and provides the

foundational energy of this New Moon. In order to fully integrate and align with Sagittarius’s

energy, we must believe that everything is unfolding exactly as it should and in the best

possible way for our personal evolution. Even the things which we don’t like or don’t

understand. They too are part of the master plan of our life.


Once we take on this deep trust in the universe, we can begin to expand our consciousness

past our routines and comfort zones. We can then learn the second lesson of Sagittarius, to

experience life without judgment. Just because something is different than what we expect

does not make it wrong. If it does make our current view incorrect, there is space for every

perspective to hold truth. Once we master this concept we can fully expand our minds.

Finding Alignment amongst Change

This New Moon occurs while Mercury is in retrograde in Sagittarius. This aspect lends the

energy of alignment to our Moon. Whatever is not in perfect alignment breaks during a

retrograde period. What may seem frustrating at first, ultimately will lead us in a new direction

that supports our true potential. When things seem like they are falling apart, ask yourself how

you can expand your perspective to include new solutions you may not have come across



Often times our emotions hold us back from new experiences. We may be fearful of the

unfamiliar, a very common human trait. Expanding our consciousness is not always

comfortable. Truly living requires growth and some discomfort along the way. Challenge

yourself and your emotions this New Moon. Learn to recognize when a conditioned pattern

surfaces in response to a new situation. Does that habitual reaction apply to this situation? Can

you move past your patterns and shift into a new way of thinking, one that corresponds with

what’s actually occurring?


Set Intentions

As with any New Moon, set intentions this day. Think about what energies you want to

experience. Ask yourself what your consciousness needs to expand past your current mental

and behavioral patterns. Call in qualities that will expand your viewpoints, your expectations

and will support you living the life you were meant to live. Above all, have faith that it is all

happening exactly as it should.


Experience life this New Moon. Put down your preconceived notions of the way things are

supposed to be and become the arrow flying through the sky to an unknown destination. Trust

in the flow of life, trust in the universe and know that you can become anything you desire with

a little change in perception.


Happy New Moon!

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Photography + Art by Spirit Daughter + Rebecca Reitz


Jill Wintersteen

Jill Wintersteen is an incredible astrologist, spiritual leader, and writer. She is the intuitive mind behind Spirit Daughter, a line of practical New Moon Workbooks that teach you not only about each new moon phase, but also astrology, crystals, rituals, and helps you to discover more about yourself.

Jill was on the path to becoming a neuroscientist because of her interest in the study of human consciousness and the mind, but then followed her heart on the path to astrology, chinese medicine, yoga and overall wellness for not only the mind, but the body and spirit.