The New Moon in Pisces: Turn Your Wounds into Your Greatest Strengths


by Jill Wintersteen of Spirit Daughter

Early Saturday morning, the Moon will return to her darkest phase, the New Moon. Known as the phase of new beginnings, this New Moon will offer us a chance to close the door on old patterns of consciousness and free us to choose new ones. Give yourself space and time to explore this phase and learn from La Luna during her darkest hours.

This months journey of the New Moon will be in the stars of Pisces, the final sign of the zodiac. Often thought of as the fish, Pisces is actually the ocean; formless, free-flowing and capable of softly molding her shoreline. Pisces urges us to fully immerse ourselves in the bigger picture of our lives. This includes our past, our present and our future. For Pisces encompasses all dimensions, she is part of everything and nothing at the same time.

From this vast vantage point, Pisces heals. She sees the world from outside the bubble of our emotions, removed enough to not get caught in the web, but close enough to feel every array. Pisces encourages us to feel, so we can release. She wants us to experience everything from our greatest joy to our greatest sorrow. She reminds us that if we allow ourselves to fully feel something, it no longer will control us, we will control it, including our happiness. This is the opportunity of this New Moon, the chance to feel, to heal and to gain insight into the far reaches of our subconscious.


The New Moon is coming at the end of a very intense Pisces Sun season. In traditional Pisces form, we’ve been shown our joys, our triggers, and our dreams over the past 3 weeks. It’s been a roller coaster ride, where we’ve felt the true depths of our human existence. Pisces reminds us that it only feels like a roller coaster if we forget the art of being the observer. We are not our emotions, nor are we our body, our scars or even our mind. We just are. These things do not define us because our soul cannot be defined. It simply exists. If we keep this in mind, then we are will be free to explore the deepest recesses of our subconscious without fear or judgment, only love.

During a New Moon, the veil between the conscious and subconscious mind becomes thinner, just thin enough for us to see into places normally hidden from our view. This Pisces New Moon will provide us the darkness needed to go within and continue the exploration of our souls. The key and the challenge is to remain the observer, holding onto our equanimity as we face all the energies buried inside of us. It’s a chance for us to hold space for our deepest wounds, the pieces of us that desperately need healing. It’s also an opportunity for us to just be. There is no need to do anything, except direct your attention. Let go of your action-oriented ways this New Moon and simply sit with yourself in her darkness. In this place of stillness, we can shine light on our shadows and shift them into something new, we can shift them into a place of power.


That’s the thing about wounds, they actually hold strength and some of our greatest realizations. Once we are able to see them clearly, without any distractions or rose-tinted glasses, they lose their ability to trigger us. They become neutral, neither good nor bad, just energy. They become raw energy available for direction, poised for a new journey, and ready to empower your evolution. As we clear away the emotions associated with the wound, we clear ourselves to live in a state of constant inspiration where anything is possible

As you prepare for this New Moon, ask yourself “What am I ready to heal?” And “What am I ready to start anew with this energy?” It takes energy to hold on to our past, energy that can be used for something new. See what needs to be healed within you, learn from these places and realize there is great potential there. Align with Pisces to remain equanimous enough to see the entirety of you, without being sweep away in the drama of emotions. Instead, let the emotions rise to the surface and release as you turn your pain into your masterpiece.

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Jill Wintersteen

Jill Wintersteen is an incredible astrologist, spiritual leader, and writer. She is the intuitive mind behind Spirit Daughter, a line of practical New Moon Workbooks that teach you not only about each new moon phase, but also astrology, crystals, rituals, and helps you to discover more about yourself.

Jill was on the path to becoming a neuroscientist because of her interest in the study of human consciousness and the mind, but then followed her heart on the path to astrology, chinese medicine, yoga and overall wellness for not only the mind, but the body and spirit.