New Moon in Scorpio


by Jill Wintersteen, of Spirit Daughter.

We are once again journeying through the Lunar Cycle to a new beginning in the form of a New Moon. This phase gives us the opportunity to plant new intentions, shift our perspective and create powerful manifestations. It is time to take stock in what is working for us and what is no longer serving our highest potential. Through the constant shedding of thoughts and patterns of consciousness we make space for new ideas to flourish into existence.

Each New Moon takes on the energy of the current zodiac sign where it is positioned. This is also the same sign the Sun is in, creating a spark of energy between the otherwise opposing forces. We, through awareness, can align with this spark and use it to fuel a new vision of our future. On Saturday, the Moon will meet the Sun in Scorpio’s stars, making this mysterious energy extra potent and readily available for us to harness.

Scorpio- They Energy of Magic

To understand this New Moon, we must first understand Scorpio. Scorpio is deep, dark and intense. Travel to the farthest depths of the ocean and there you will find the energy of Scorpio thriving from the water’s pressure and the seclusion, yet being one with the world. Scorpio recognizes that only through deep introspection can we become part of the dance of energy we live amongst.

Scorpio is the epitome of soul evolution through the combination of constant tension and unwavering intuition. This pressure comes from a deep desire to understand the very meaning of life itself. Scorpio wants to understand it all, the good, the bad and the unseen. She calls in hard lessons with fearless excitement, ready to learn through trial by fire. With each lesson she masters, she gains confidence in her abilities to create magic. For it’s magic and her intuition that that saves the day in her world, and she wields it will great care and reverence. There are no depths too great for this soul wanderer, there are only new discoveries and new shifts in consciousness. This is Scorpio’s aim, the understanding of consciousness itself and she will stop at nothing until she masters it.

When the Moon moves into Scorpio’s sky, our emotions take on the intensity of this mystic maven. We FEEL her energy in our heart and in our soul. It brings Scorpio’s qualities into our emotional body and bring them into balance within ourselves. Scorpio’s energy can feel intense especially on a New Moon, we may feel reoccurrences of hard lessons past, and old wounds may rise to the surface to be fully seen and healed.

It’s a time to allow yourself to feel everything in its entirety. A time to explore the depths of your mind and look at your inner workings, behaviors and underlying programs to shift them in any direction you choose. In essence, it’s a chance to be your own psychologist and shaman all in one. What does your highest self, who knows all, want to tell you? How can you shift your ways of thinking to include the element of magic? Your intuition is your guide on this journey, for in Scorpio’s world there is little logic and only direct knowledge gained through experience.


New Moon Practice

On the morning of the New Moon, spend some time in meditation. Give yourself complete silence for at least 5 minutes, or longer. Allow your intuition to fully guide you throughout the day, follow every little hunch and explore every coincidence. If someone looks familiar, strike up a conversation. If a path appears brighter, choose it instead of the normal one. Play with this all day and be open to receiving magic in the smallest of ways.

At some point, preferably within ten hours of the New Moon exact which is 3:42am PST November 18th, write your New Moon Intentions. Start by clearing your mind and tell the universe you are open to receiving information about what you should call into your life. Let go of the need to always know what you want and open to the possibility that your soul may need something you’ve never considered. Keep your mind clear and watch for sprouts of intuition to pop up. They often look like random thoughts or images, but within the chaos there is clarity. Sometimes the answers come in the form of direct messages, be open to all of it.

Once you have ideas percolating in your mind and are starting to see a new vision of yourself, begin to write. Write intentions in the form of powerful “I am” statements which reflect you having fully integrated the energies you are calling into your field. Examples are: “I am fully healed”, or “I am capable of receiving magic,” or “I am ready to develop courage and call forth lessons to help me.” These intentions are entirely up to you. Write them down somewhere you can see every day and repeat them as much as feels needed. Know your are calling in the energy to manifest your dreams. Know that the magic of Scorpio is helping you tap into your highest intuition and guiding you on your soul’s journey.

Happy New Moon!

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Jill Wintersteen

Jill Wintersteen is an incredible astrologist, spiritual leader, and writer. She is the intuitive mind behind Spirit Daughter, a line of practical New Moon Workbooks that teach you not only about each new moon phase, but also astrology, crystals, rituals, and helps you to discover more about yourself.

Jill was on the path to becoming a neuroscientist because of her interest in the study of human consciousness and the mind, but then followed her heart on the path to astrology, chinese medicine, yoga and overall wellness for not only the mind, but the body and spirit.