New Moon in Capricorn


"Where there is a will there is a way."


We are greeted this Tuesday by a powerful New Moon in Capricorn, helping us to gain clarity for the rest of the year. Each New Moon bestows the cosmic energy of new beginnings and new patterns into our atmosphere. It is a special time when the Sun meets the Moon within the same sky and the same constellation. It’s this monthly dance when they rise and set at the same time, which makes each of their energy extra potent. The extra energy from the Sun and Moon’s conjunction gives us an extra spark to fuel new visions of the future and create powerful intentions.


This month the Sun and the Moon meet in the stars of the Earth sign, Capricorn. Known as the sea goat, Capricorn can easily traverse sea and mountain. She is known for her steady energy and sure-footed approach to any obstacle. Her energy is focused, determined and not easily swayed by other’s opinions. Capricorn inspires us to keep going even when the journey gets rocky. She encourages slow and steady growth. She teaches us how to find freedom in discipline and use it to change our lives.

This need for order seen in Capricorn is partly due to her ruling planet Saturn, who has returned home and is positioned in Capricorn. Saturn is the planet of responsibility, karma, and faith. Not faith in the way Jupiter teaches, which is very cheerful in nature, but faith the comes from hitting rock bottom and still trusting that things will work out. He’s a tough planet and affects each of us during our Saturn Return, known as a time when we are asked to mature and settle down in our late 20’s. Saturn wants to teach, and some of it is through tough love. All this structure though makes us stronger, more resilient and more trusting in the universe. These are the qualities of Capricorn.


When the New Moon meets the grounded, foundational energy of Capricorn and Saturn, she takes it on and pulls our emotional body to it. So we want to focus, we want to get grounded, we’re motivated. She also gives us an opportunity to see deeper within our subconscious and identify limiting beliefs and blocks that preventing us from fully aligning with this energy. Are you easily overwhelmed or do long-term plans scare you? Do you limit your dreams? Do you want instant gratification or are you prepared for the slow and steady route?


This Moon is a time to think about how you react to external limits and in what ways you limit yourself by your beliefs. Often times we shy away from our dreams simply because they seem to hard to achieve, this Moon will inspire you to think otherwise. There is no mountain you can’t climb or road to long. Capricorn teaches us that the long road is the one full of adventures and lessons that provide the firmest foundation for our dreams. Instead of shying away from big dreams, develop and declare faith and trust in your own ability to handle seemingly overwhelming obstacles.


This unwavering trust in yourself comes from your ability to settle your mind and energy through discipline. Disciplines are simply practices like yoga, meditation, journaling, running, cooking, and others, but done in a routine set by you. There’s a reason why the season of Capricorn coincides with the New Year, it’s energy is willing you to create a routine. Not just any routine, but one that grounds your energy, focuses your mind and ultimately frees you to create anything you like. Take the opportunity the cosmic energy is providing and choose a discipline that resonates with you this New Moon. Try to commit to it every day. Know that with this commitment you are committing to grounded energy, capable of growing and expanding in any direction.


Along with your disciplines, plant some seeds this New Moon. Seeds that will call in the energy that you need to manifest your dreams. Create three intentions that will help you call in the energy of Capricorn. These can be something like “I am capable of focusing my energy” or “I am open to receiving grounded energy.” “I am ready to overcome obstacles in my path.” Pick anything you like and place them somewhere you can see until the next New Moon. Repeat them every day and notice how the energy shifts in your mind and body.


Happy New Moon!

You can read more about how to work with the Capricorn energy in the Spirit Daughter New Moon Workbook.


Photography + Art by Spirit Daughter + Rebecca Reitz

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Jill Wintersteen

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