Our Mindful Morning Routines + Why They're Sacred


Our relationship with the morning is sacred. The moment we open our eyes we are “born again”. The wanders and the chaos of yesterday are behind us.  

No need to look back.

Reflect? Sure. So we can bring awareness to why we’re feeling the way we’re feeling and observe our growth.

Maybe we had a magical day yesterday, and it doesn’t hurt to incorporate some new habits, experiences, and lessons we learned.

But… maybe yesterday was challenging, in which case… guess what… it’s NOW behind you.

Imagine opening your eyes and stretching with the intention to rise with gratitude and birth a novelty feeling of refreshment. With full faith for an even better day… which will set you up for a brighter tomorrow.

So you begin your day with the little mindful moment…

And remember: the little moments add up. If you promise yourself 10 minutes of meditation every morning, then in 30 days you have accumulated 300 mindful minutes to yourself.

Just imagine what may transpire!

Imagine how you may evolve.

Or you promise to read 5 minutes of an inspiring book by one of the greatest minds of our time.

Then wow.

You just spent 150 minutes hanging out with one of the greatest minds of our time this month.

Again, imagine what may transpire.

Imagine how you may evolve.

Allie and I view our mornings as our sacred time in solitude.. to reflect, breath, move forward, learn and nourish our mind, body, and soul before the storm of the day approaches… so we can be the best version of human we can possibly be. And show up at our highest self for everyone else.

We encourage you to set aside a little time for yourself in the morning to listen… to you.

(But of course, hanging with your dog, cat or baby still can count as YOU time).

Even if it’s not when you first rise, try to spend at least 15 minutes with yourself within the first 2 hours of waking up.

Maybe you only have time to meditate, read, journal or practice quick sun salutations.

Whatever it may be… set aside this time for YOU.

With all that being said, Allie and I have approached our morning routines with “structural freedom”.

Structured: Where we know what we want to do when we rise because doing everything we do before we begin our work day has become an embedded habit that we’re used to

Free: We may not have enough time to fit in everything every day. Or maybe we want to move before we read, or read before we move. The order may switch up, depending what we’re feeling in that present morning. Also, not bound to complete things at certain times, as long as we complete what we intend to do before the work day begins.

Some mornings may be interrupted by early work, family or friends… but because most mornings are fairly structured, we think it’s healthy to have the occasional pivot.


Here are our typical routines: most mornings, short mornings and rest mornings.

If you’re struggling with finding a morning routine that works for you, we encourage you to use ours as a buffet for you to pick and choose things that you may want to kickstart your day.


Allie wakes up at 7 am:

  • Water + Coffee (with stevia and coconut almond milk)
  • Make bed (to feel productive)
  • Read
  • Journal
  • Long Nature Run or Walk
  • Abs
  • Foam roll
  • Short Morning Yoga
  • Breakfast (Usually a smoothie)
  • Meditate after breakfast and before work
  • Maybe inspired to write a poem

Raquelle wakes up at 5:30 am:

  • Hot lemon water + coffee (with stevia)
  • Make bed (to feel productive)
  • Unload the dishwasher
  • Morning Pages (stream of consciousness journaling)
  • Read
  • Stretch
  • Workout Varies: (Short Run with HIIT or Cardio HIIT or Long Outdoor Run/Walk)
  • (Allie just got me into Abs + Foam roll)
  • Short Morning Yoga
  • Breakfast (Usually a protein pancake + pumpkin)
  • Meditate after breakfast and before work
  • Maybe inspired to write a poem

(We both would like to eventually practice more breathwork for most mornings)


NOTE: on most days we avoid social media, texts, email or other digital distractions till our morning routines are complete.

  • Unless, of course, we must share something inspiring on our Instagram stories ;-) 



BOTH of us:

  • Have our water + coffee specialties
  • Make beds
  • Journal OR Read
  • 10 minute Yoga OR Meditate (or both if we can fit it in)
  • Quick Breakfast (smoothies)



BOTH of us:

  • Have our water + coffee specialties
  • Read for as long as we want
  • Journal for as long as we desire
  • Yin Yoga
  • Meditate for 30+ minutes
  • Breakfast (PANCAKES!)
  • Write

Oh, the fresh smell of possibilities every morning.

We would love to hear about your morning routines or the parts of our routines that interest you! So please, do us and the tribe a favor and share in the comments below.